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  1. So Barclays now put account back to normal. No minus money. Its back to zero. Would expect money back by Monday... Keep ya posted... 14 days of HELL!!
  2. cant live normally what i meant to say!!
  3. yes it is completely unbelieveable. Funny enough a friend of mine just wrote to local MP about his passport and GOT IT back by courier. That is an option i know yes. So can anyone tell me? its been about 12 (business days) since being frozen. But seems a life time when you can live normally, pay bills or worry about all your staff leaving to look for other jobs!! Bob Diamond. sort your monkeys out!!!
  4. email from barclays today 15 days after our clients funds have been frozen Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying as I have been involved in another matter and away from my desk. I have read your email I am sorry that the operational difficulty remains on-going. We are looking to resolve the matter as soon as we can and as I have explained previously I will be in contact with you as soon as I have an update. Yours sincerely HOW LONG UNTIL YOU UPDATE ME BARCLAYS?? WILL YOU DO IT WHEN MY BUSINESS HAS FALLEN OVER and ALL MY STAFF HAVE LEFT????????
  5. I also know my clients funds have cleared as we have spoken to them (not alerted them because thats bad business practise) the funds have been moved to coventry OPS. where the checks are taking place. oh sorry i forgot its "operational difficulties"..... whatever!!! Barclays bank need to sort there "operational difficulties" ALOT quicker! they are runing peoples lives NOT helping them grow!!! Wish i had NEVER opened the account now!!!! What ever happened to UNDERSTANDING SOMEONES BUSINESS BARCLAYS? instead of making things so so difficult for someone.....!!!!!!
  6. I informed them the money was coming in. of course i did. Everything from how much money was coming in to what the money was for. They dont tell you its AML checks as it is legally for them to do that. If they tell you they are "tipping off" - and if i was being naughty then i could do a runner. So basically i am stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. My staff havent worked or been paid since 2 weeks. I cant pay ANYTHING!! I know that there is a 7 day wait for NCA, but after that i assume that banks do their own checks. When the account was first frozen the account went t
  7. P.s I know about AML checks. I know about SARS I know about banks algarhythms to to flag SA. I just need to know time frames. Money has been moved to Conventry Ops by the bank and the clients funds have cleared, as we have spoken to them. dont Barclays realize that this is affecting over 20 peoples lives? I have been trading 5 years, im not going to put £50 into the bank, we are a established company!!! God they make me furious!!!!!!
  8. About three weeks ago i opened an account at barclays with my NEW business Manager as it is a brand new business account (business has been trading for 5 year) After meeting with business manager and opening a business account we proceeded to trade as normal at my business. On the 29th of May i paid in some cheques from my clients, which was about 100K, i informed barclays about this even before i put the cheques in and i also told barclays what the funds would be for, Business manager told me that it was ok to put them ALL in as i had informed barclays before i even did so. On wedne
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