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  1. I am fully AWARE that there is a change in the premium because its a different car, I object to Hasting charging all the time for different things. This is not how you keep customers. As for sales calls-- -i work nights and do not appreciate being woken up with sales calls. I did state this when talking to one of your team. What administration costs?? When i pay you to send the relevant paperwork because again YOU CHARGE for that as well. As for me getting another car.... ...i have gone somewhere else where they dont charge for silly things. I just hope that i dont have a accident while with Hastings because your reviews on paying/sorting out are not good as well. I just wish i had read them before i took this policy. Thanks (not a happy bunny)
  2. Never again will i use Hasting. I have never felt so ripped off. I got a different car and had to change the details for the insurance. They told me there would be a charge for this (i forget the amount, but it was excessive). They suggested that i cancel my policy and start a new one and they would waive the admin fee. I did that and took out a new policy for the other car. Two days later i get a phone call telling me that i was not covered for a courtesy car and it would cost £2.50 a month more. I am covered for a courtesy car with the policy i have . This was obviously a sales call to sell me something i didnt need. They couldn't find my proof of no claims even though i sent it. I had to do all the work by contacting my old insurer and sending it to Hastings even though they said they had tried, but i had no trouble at all. I called them up and said i wanted to cancel my policy within the 14 day cooling off period and was told they would charge me another £50.00 even though i was still in the 14 day period . I wanted to cancel because i was sick of all the faffing about. I just want to get insurance and forget it for a year. Now i have a possibility of another car, but i am very apprehensive to get it because of Hastings and their bad customer practices.
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