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  1. You're absolutely correct, I've not been recording my calls. I will get a recorder tomorrow when I go to town in-case I get any more calls to or from them. Should I also do a "SARS"(?) request to have them send me all previous calls on a CD? They have to send me everything if I ask, don't they? Costs £10? Anyway, BankFodder, you are infinitely more clever in this than I could ever possibly be. If you suggest I do something, I'll do it straight away. Financial gain isn't my primary goal but would be a nice little extra. If you think I should try another route as while waiting for the ICO
  2. Hey there, good afternoon! Thanks for the information and saying that you feel that I may be in the right. I've been talking to more people and trying to get this resolved, but it's hard to call the people you need when you work 8am-6pm. But I don't intend to drop this at any point. Now, YW have said that they'd remove the default if they receive a letter from Reeds Rain saying that they contacted them when I left the property. (More running around for me to do!) But here's the first email I received from them: Good Morning ..... With reference to the telephone calls you’
  3. Hello and good morning, gather around and hear my tale of woe. Perhaps you may be able to provide me with some information which may make things a tad easier for me! Background: I moved into a house in May 2012 in Yorkshire. I was renting from Reeds Rain. Everything was absolutely splendid. Paid all my bills on time and was never an issue to anybody. When I left the property in 2013 (May), I advised Reeds Rain and ran through their check-list for leaving. (Ended up getting £500 from Spark Energy due to having been over-billed for the ENTIRE YEAR!). I was lea
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