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  1. Thanks Maroon. Very helpful. Do you know if I sign to release just now - I accept I owe them the money - does this allow them to do it every month without a mandate? or does the mandate only work for one instance? Thanks again
  2. Hi All Long time since I have been on here...... i have an agreement to pay walker love 200.00 pm to pay off council tax arrears. I thought all was going well, however it appears I may have missed a payment back in december. I have had no communication from them until recently I received a letter from my bank advising of an arrestment of my account (over 400.00). I then received a 'mandate' from WL asking me to sign to say they can have the money..... Whilst i agree I may owe them the money, I am not sure how they came to the figure they have. My questions are: - if i sign this mandate allowing release of the funds, does this automatically allow them to arrest and release funds in the future, i.e. is it an ongoing agreement? - Do I have to release the funds.... or can I negotiate to have the arrestment lifted? I am also loathe to call them because of 1 their attitude and also the fact it is a 084 number costing at least 7p a minute. Any help, advice guidance appreciated.
  3. Have an appointment with solicitor on monday, hopefully they will be able to help.
  4. Hi All Sorry for the delay in updating. we have now received paperwork. It relates to multiple council tax payment for my partner (each year between 2003 - and now). amounting to just under 11,000. They have now applied for sequestration. We have a date of 3rd november for seq hearing. Any advice? Can we get the seq stopped? can they take the house (we have very little other assests)? is it better to try and arrange a repayment plan now? I am going to try and contact a lawyer later today. We did have similar issues years ago and agreed a repayment plan via sheriff court which we adhered to until the outstanding was paid. will this affect any future agreements / will the court look unfavourably about this. REALLY REALLY stressed about this, and yes we are aware it is our fault for not paying it so please try not to judge us to harshly. thanks.
  5. thanks, thought it would be ironic if you where advertising PDL companies!!!
  6. Not sure if this is a site issue, however is anybody else actually getting Wonga ads (as banners and side ads) when looking through the forums? Seems strange.
  7. Heart of Midlothian supporter - Hearts - Jam tarts - jambo! Hopefully Maroon didnt find it offensive!!! lol
  8. thanks maroon (pretty helpful for a jambo!!!) Just heard, they apparently turned up today (i am at work and my OH was out) and put another letter through the door saying they will try again in a couple of days. Will they be adding charges everytime they turn up? is it better to arrange to go to the office and collect it? Sorry for all the questions, just had no sleep for a couple of days over this.
  9. Thanks I know it is difficult to answer with so few details.. I think it is either council tax or even the factors for our building (walker Sandford). We did have an issue with the council tax years ago, but bevel it was sorted out. Do we have to give WL access to our flat?
  10. Hi not sure if this is the correct forum. Also the details I have just now a fairly limited. Sorry. My self and my partner have received an 'appointment letter' from walker love, stating they have a legal document they need to serve. I am not sure what this is to do with (possibly council tax). It has a code at the bottom mentioning 'sequistration'. A couple of questions: 1) does this mean some one has applied for sequestration? 2) If and when they turn up do we have to speak to them and / or allow them entry? 3) will we be getting 'charged' and attendance fee everytime they write to us or turn up at the door? Any advice greatly appreciated, this is freaking me out. thanks G
  11. As unclebulgaria said do you have any extras on your policy - legal assistance, breakdown cover etc that you may have used? IC's will usually look to recover these as they will have paid out in full to a third party provider. Insurance companies shouldnt withhold your NCD proof (or use it as a bargaining tool) you own it! (unless it is tied to a specific clause in your insurance i.e 2nd driver NCD etc). Get your new insurer to call them directly to confirm it.
  12. Have you had an accident / claim during the policy year? If so and you were paying monthly then the insurance company will be able to claim the annual policy cost off you. If however this is an 'administration' or straight 'cancellation' fee it does seem excessive.
  13. You say you have a van that you usually use? can i ask what you do as a job? do you normally use your van to travel to different places of work - i.e. is it a tool of the trade? what sort of usage cover do you have on your van sdp, sdp+commuting + business use? it may make a big difference.
  14. :clap2: So Pleased for you KAZ. I knew all would end well. CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE. it isnt easy but just proves with the correct help, support and advice things can be fixed!! Just keep up the payments and everything will be good! Enjoy a good nights sleep you deserve it!!! :madgrin::madgrin:
  15. Good luck Kaz went through similar a while ago (sadly before i found this site) but got some great free advice from my local law centre (govan). They managed to stop the eviction and have been paying mortgage arrears off since then. I know exactly how you feel it is so scary and stressful. However i found once i got good advice (and more importantly supposrt) it made everything easier to deal with. Stick with it! even if the worst happens (although im sure it wont) I am sure there are guys here who will help you overcome that hurdle. Chin up and try not to stress toooo much
  16. I am thinking they better be legitimate especially as the brigadier is on the case!!!!
  17. Hi sorry no particular issue, Just a query that popped into my head whilst reading the thread
  18. Sorry to hijack, but do these rules apply to council run car parks in scotland?
  19. to be honest if it is just general 'wear and tear' then i agree £50 is high! even if it is 'heavier' use and a deeper clean is required then I agree it should be made clear!
  20. Just out of curiosity, Do you smoke? or did anybody smoke in the car whilst on hire? some companies charge extra to 'de-contaminate' or deep clean a car after hire. If so then this might be a reasonable cost.
  21. Hi Andy, thanks for your reply. It has now been sorted, actually phoned them again yesterday and they said they had deposited the money to my partners account! but as you took the time to respond, i will answer your questions: The endowment was independent to the bank (although taken out at the same time) and the statement does say interest only. We are still trying to decide what to do with the surrender tbh just wanted it back as it was decreasing all the time. Again thanks for your help.
  22. If an ongoing claim is shown as beign 'open' i.e money not recovered then it is generally listed as a 'Fault' however some insurers still allow NCD on these.
  23. Any help or advice guys? - any thing appreciated - Thanks
  24. Hi Not Sure if in the correct section. when my partner took out his mortgage (approx 20 years ago) he took it as an endowment. A few years ago we got into some financial problems and to stop the bank (BOS) repossessing we were switched to an interest only mortgage and stopped paying into the endowment 'fund'. Earlier this year we received an endowment statement with a figure of approx 8k, however we realised that for each year since we stopped paying into it the company (Countrywide assured) have been using the units up to service the policy. We have decided to try and cash in the policy and possibly invest elsewhere. So far all so good. The problem is that CAS require a notification from the bank that we are on an intrest only mortgage, we have tried calling the bank many times asking for this notice they confirm they are going to send it out however it has never arrived. My question (s) really are: 1. if the endowment has dropped due to time wasting by the BOS can we claim refund 2. how can i get the BOS to speed up the letter? 3. any ideas of how we can prove without the letter from BOS. They have recently sent us a form reminding us that the mortgage is finishing in 5 years and asking for information of how we intend to pay it off, this has 'interest only mortgage' at the top will this suffice? Sorry if this doesn't make much sense, and also if posted in the wrong forum.
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