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  1. Hi Sorry for the late update. Health hasn't been good. So, Wickes customer relations department and i had gone back and forth. In the end my order did arrive and i had the driver return a few. I told them of the returns, they did not acknowledge it nor refund it (23£) and gave me £30 (delievery fee) as "a gesture of good will" I got so angry with this that i told them i no longer wish to communicate unless in court and that i would be suing for £200. Long story short, I've got a check in the post for £200 without going to court. Should have said 300 lol
  2. I absolutely agree with you. I was actually thinking they pay £30 for each day since the day it was supposed to be delievered Where do i start? How do i start?
  3. Hi. Made an order with Wickes 15days ago to arrive 14 days ago. All i keep hearing from them is my local store will contact me, which they haven't. This isn't the first time this has happened. The last time it happened i got half a delievery and the store refused to deliver the rest because on their system it said it was all delievered. Customer relations informed me of this as the store would not get in touch with me even though they were told to to do that. I was eventually compensated for it, after 3 or 4 weeks of rining, so it was all sorted. Now this delivery, i hone
  4. Rebel what else can I do? I cant secretly record them to prove it as I read I wont be allowed to use it in court. I could go ahead and ask for the transcripts and pray to god they dont tamper with it. At the moment its my word agenst theirs.
  5. i called them and asked. the kind lady said it was only a transcript of the calls and not the actual recordings. i wonder if they tamper with the transcript?
  6. Thank you Bluesbot X well...4 weeks, no reply. I just called asking how i can get a copy of the call recordings and i was told i cannot get a copy of the recordings but a transcript. Whos to say they wont tamper with the transcripts?
  7. Hi unclebulgaria (love the name) difficult sums them up. Every company has their good and bad employees and even though the first person i spoke to was a right *ahem* the 2 people i spoke to after were polite but unhelpful. I understand the *ahem* maybe was having a bad day but the other 2 it was as if they were not allowed to help me or didn't no how to help me. If i say i want to complain i expect to be told how i can go about doing that, If i say i was miss informed i expect them to go and find out the truth (they have the recordings) and make it right. All i can say about VM is, I sm
  8. i can wait, its just i like being prepared for whats to come and i've never been in a situation like this. I've always been the one who rolled over and paid any sum was said.
  9. They are horribly slow with their replies. I think its intentional
  10. Hi powertothepeople please keep me updated as i might be folloing in your footsteps (i hope it doesn't get that far). Virgin signed me up to a contract and the sales rep did not give me all the information so imagine my shock when 28 turned to 43pounds and when i tried to end it i was only then informed i was in a contract and would be charged a cancellation fee. Ofcom also said the same to me. Friend of mine told me last week that VM did similar to her last yr, quoted one price on the phone but charged a didn't price. she was lucky enough to cancel it on time. She called to complain a
  11. Hi flexeh, is there any update?
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