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  1. just had a letter off marsh advising i owe 241.00 for condition outside fair wear and tear, just spoken with them and they are advising i put it in writing to them, they are citing the following as "faults" small hole in drivers heelpad small scratch on rear bumper small scratch on front bumper car is below average mileage with MOT, full service history(dealers) and new Tyres all round everything works as it should no problems at all, do i send them the letter or just ignore them and where can i see what is acceptable condition to them, what do they expect for a 2007 car as new?
  2. it has new tyres and it is MOTd tbh the cars in better condition now than when i got it 20k ago anyway i can assure you they wont get so much as the steam of me poo! as someone has said i just hired it off them for 30 months and maintained it end of its belongs to them not me.
  3. ok just been to inspect the car and have pointed out 2 very small dents that were present when i bought the car they now want £535 to fix these, this is a 2007 80000 mile passat full service history and new tyres with MOT all keys etc they are taking the Wee Wee, have seen cars offered for sale with far worse in fact i bought it like this 2 years ago. so where do i go from here can they stop the VT i have signed his document but put i dispute the report as the damage was there when bought [ATTACH=CONFIG]60634[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]60635[/ATTACH]
  4. Hi not sure about a cca form however i do have a letter from Marsh confirming that the VT amount has been paid and they have arranged to collect the vehicle as requested, i have also got emails confirming the process they follow and confirming they have agreed to VT
  5. sorry been a few days, i went into marsh as they are based locally and have now VT the car, its being collected on Monday they mentioned repairs required etc i pointed out any issues or faults were there when purchased car has a full mot and a full service history so lets see what they come back with, i have taken pics etc, they did actually say it was up to me to prove the faults were on the car when purchased (3 scratches) i told them it wasnt.
  6. Hi thank you for thee information, when i said halfway i meant half the total amount payable, however this is confusing, there are two figures shown on the agreement, the total amount payable and then the total remaining balance which is slightly less (well about 1000 less) both of these figures include the document fee and the right to purchase fee both of which i am being charged interest on over the whole term, could you clarify that i can indeed be charged this for the whole term when my first payment included a "administration fee" of well over £140.00. Am also assuming that the settlement figure i asked for is in fact not the halfway point but is in fact the total i need to pay to clear the debt as of Yesterday i would in fact get no discount if i VT the vehicle.
  7. Hi there i need a bit of advice please, i bought a car from carcraft 27 months ago and am looking to VT when the 50% mark is up, i have just been looking over my Docs as i am shocked by the settlement figure i have just had from them, on the Docs it shows a Document Fee and a option to purchase fee that i am being charged interest on is this allowed? I really dont understand how i managed to get myself into this, the car was only 7800, i paid 1100 deposit and have paid so far 5300 back yet i still owe 5600 to them as a settlement fee! bonkers think a lesson learnt thankfully they have now gone pop i wonder why!
  8. i will edit details out and post the whole thing up invoice etc etc etc
  9. Hi we do indeed have it to hand but posting on a public forum is a big no no am afraid as it obviously has lots of info however the whole things a moot point now, after boning up on the relevant laws and exerting pressure on both CC and the credit Co in this case BH the whole deal has now been scrapped, we have our old car back which incidentally they hadnt yet paid for 4 weeks later! and they have the heap of junk they tried to sell us back i will not be ripped off when the law is clearly on my side, the secondary loan has also been cancelled and we have walked away. One point i would like to mention and get advice about, we gave them a settlement figure for our car which expired at the next payment 2nd june peugeot finance attempted to take a payment on 2nd we thought in error however it seems CC hadnt paid so it was BAU for them, so not only did we get stitched up with an extra loan but we would have paid an extra months payment on our old car that we didnt have! a chargeback was done but this will now be reversed peugeot are ok with this b ut it obviously now shows a late payment. CC registered our car even though it wasnt paid for so now it has an extra owner from 2 to 3 this is something i intend to seek compensation for as well as the umpteen calls to 0844 numbers, our part exchange which was in perfect condition when traded in now has a bleached spot on a seat again i will be looking for compensation for that, i have been given the email address of the main man who i am told is Robin Bridge no idea if thats accurate but i will find out. opinioins if you will about my chances of getting anything back from them for all this ?
  10. yes i gather that not sure on the legality of it all really you sign up for a car and discover a personal loan slipped in under the mat but can anyone answer the breach of contract question?
  11. where to start we bought a fiesta eco 1.6tdi based on advice given by carcraft, initially my wife didnt like the car too much as its a bit barren and obviously a very low spec but she was swayed by promises of 75 mpg and nil road tax. after almost a week of driving and shockingly seeing 50 mpg at most she decided she wasnt going to put up with the lack of goodies and get less mpg than my 2.0 diesel so she returned and advised she wanted to exchange, that was 3 weeks ago, since then we have had lies promises excuses more lies and now have 2 credit agreements with BH for 2 cars one of which is still in the showroom. simple question carcraft have now had almost 4 weeks to resolve this and still no resolution in sight, my wife was literally grilled by both salespeople and an operations manager about the reasons she wanted to exercise her "no quibble" right to swap, in the end she lost it and advised the reason didnt matter but it was her choice. After all this time and 2 official complaints from BH are we within our rights to claim breach of contract as they have failed to exchange in a reasonable timescale? The Micky mouse second finance deal which seems to be a common theme was apparently used as a deposit without our knowledge on the first car and is classed as a personal loan what happens with that if we do in fact return the car under a breach of contract? BH were very interested in that little morsal when we told them about it too
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