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  1. For attention of C.... M....., Thank you for your phone call earlier this evening. It was good to finally receive acknowledgement of my lack of satisfaction although, disappointingly, it was necessary to publish details online in order to facilitate this. I acknowledge your offer of £50.00 in Thomsons vouchers. As I explained I do not feel this is satisfactory. In our conversation you asked me what I would like to happen in order to improve things. I explained that I would rather allow Thomsons to reflect and make a decision. You then clearly stated Thomsons position was that the offer of vouchers was sufficient. As I mentioned to you, I was driving at the time of your call and now that I have had the opportunity to reflect on Thomsons position, I am prepared to outline the steps necessary to make the situation better: 1) Thomsons should instruct a full investigation into the city tax operations of their hotels in Sorrento. This should include details of the amounts gathered by hotels from Thomsons customers via the tax and referenced against the official star rating. 2) A clear explanation in Thomsons brochures, websites and wider publications, and through training of Thomsons staff, of the city tax and how this will operate for Thomsons customers. This is the obligation to keep customers informed when traveling with you. 3) Thomsons should make contact with each customer who has stayed in the Admiral Hotel in recent times, and compensate those found to have paid extra city tax as a result of the fraudulent transactions conducted by the staff of the hotel. I am certain this will be of interest to the customers who we stayed alongside, who were all duped into paying extra tax. 4) A written apology to myself, along with acknowledgement of the action to be undertaken to provide reassurance that Thomsons respects the right of their customers to be treated with honesty and respect. 5) A clamp down on the overcharging for drinks and water, which also occurs at this hotel. I look forward to receiving your response, Regards,
  2. It was because Javascript was disabled on the other computer i was using. this forum doesnt like that
  3. You know, this whole thing got me thinking and i started asking around work about people's experiences of kwik fit and "extended warranties" on tyres. Many had paid more than originally, even when the warranty for "defects" kicked in. This is because the companies hike their price when dealing with a warranty claim so you end up paying through the nose. Chances are if you called up and priced it, agreed the price then took your damaged tyre to them you'd catch them out. Mostly though, the warranties were worthless and never paid out. Another PPI???? lol
  4. Hi guys, thanks for the advice. obv javascript was disabled... edited post above
  5. i'm at work so it could be this computer. I'll try at home
  6. the i'm trying it now bit??? that was with huge spaces/paragraphs between them
  7. Hi, Thanks for the welcome, glad to be here. Yeah, i do write in papagraphs and headings but for some reason it's not allowing this to happen. After you click "edit post" and then put in paragraphs by pressing enter? what next as, when i did this in the OP, it reverted immediately back.I'mtryingitnow
  8. Sorry, maybe i'm missing something... after you select the edit post icon... then what? I've already done that, pressed enter next to each paragraph, it splits it up and then when i save, it reverts back. I'll happily take instruction
  9. AND MY RESPONSE:Dear Mr Matchem, Thank you for responding to my enquiry. Whilst i appreciate your efforts on this occasion i would like to inform you that the resolution you have offered to me is unacceptable. It seems that poor customer service is tolerable to Thomson's Holidays, judging by the tone of your email. I would like to quote directly from your acknowledgement email: "Your communication is important to us and we are committed to provide a satisfactory resolution" As I have outlined this is not a satisfactory resolution. Therefore this is the final opportunity I will offer to Thomson's before I release details to Watchdog and publicise details on social media. Thank you for your help in this,
  10. Booking Reference: Case Reference:Issue Date:....Dear Mr.,,, g,Thank youfor your e-mail to David Burling. As part of a specialisedteam, fully trained to investigate and respond tocorrespondence addressed to our Board of Directors, I’ve been asked to review your file today. We arealways mindful of the importance of delivering greatcustomer service. With that said, I am disappointed toread that you did not feel you had been delivered the levelof service that we strive to achieve. I wouldlike to apologise again for the disappointment you facedwhilst you were away with us. As previously advised I havebeen in contact with our Hotel Relations team and the localresort office. I have informed them of the hotel attemptingto charge additional taxes on top of the local city tax andalso to address the condition of the rooms. Whilst Iappreciate the strength of your feeling regarding thismatter, unfortunately we will not be able to offer anyfurther compensation. I canfully appreciate that you’ve felt disappointed on thisoccasion, and would like to reassure you that we takecustomer feedback very seriously, so that we do ourutmost to rectify and prevent any further problems forfuture customers. We will therefore make your comments knownto the relevant members of staff so that remedial action maybe taken. I wouldlike to thank you for taking the time to contact usregarding this matter and do hope that despite your concernson this occasion we will have the opportunity to renew yourcustom in the near future.Yours sincerely,Chris Matcham After Travel Customer Support Advisor -Directors OfficeAfterTravelCS email:aftertravelcustomersupport@tuiuk.com
  11. Tried this originally but when i save it jumps back to full text.
  12. Dear Mr Burling,This is Mr ........ here. I want inform you that the Hotel Admiral are overcharging Thomson guests and others in regards to the city tax and drinks. They are claiming city tax rates from guests as a 4 star hotel when they are clearly a 3 star (confirmed by Amy from Thomsons 24-7 team) Last night following my conversation with Amy, I queried this with the receptionist at the Admiral. Following an initial attempt to fraudulently attain an extra 7 Euros, I pointed out the rules regarding the city tax which are widely accessible on the web. I was quickly refunded and given a receipt showing the new charge. Although this sum is minimal, the point of principle is important. We have since spoken to all British guests and can confirm that they have also been overcharged. This makes the sums attained by this more concerning as they may run into hundreds of Euros per week. We were disappointed by the support shown by Thomson when we raised this issue as they told us that they could not help us and this charge was completely at the discretion of the hotel. This is contrary to the advice they had previously given us regarding the charge being related to star rating. We have also just discovered that many guests have been overcharged for their drinks with the hotel double charging for water. We have also fallen victim to this. Whilst the argument will be that guests sign for drinks and that the obligation is on them to check before signing, counter to this is the fact that there is clearly an attempt to write illegibly. However I would be willing for Thomson to check the records against our receipt. We would also like to raise the fact that we complained to Thomson that there was no hot water and urine stains on the bedsheets. We have subsequently discovered through our discussions with other guests that the same complaint was made by them and they received a £50 voucher. We are unhappy that we have not been given equal regard. Lastly,we consider the fact that we were advised the hotel had a functioning pool to be be misleading and disappointing.There was no pool available to us at any point during our stay. We are certain that as an ethical and responsible travel agent you will consider these points as concerning and disconcerting as we do and take appropriate action to make this right with us. I have photographic evidence of the stains and city tax/food overcharging if this should prove necessary. Regards, Reply Forward May 27 to david.burling Dear Mr Burling, With no action taken to rectify the situation outlined in my complaint below, I write now to provide a further opportunity to make restitution. I believe that the issues I raise in relation to my experience are important. Out with my complaint in relation to the facilities in our hotel, the tax issue is a particular concern to me morally and ethically. Without action to investigate, report and compensate, clearly the case will be of pressing public interest. Regards,
  13. Dear Mr Murai, CAMELON BRANCH OF KWIK FIT 100 Glasgow Road Falkirk FK1 1XS I would like to bring to your attention serious concerns regarding contact I have had with the above branch of Kwik-fit. I have been a long and loyal customer of Kwik-Fit. In this spirit, I purchased Marangoni Tyres from Kwik-Fit on the 6th of October 2012 to place onto Mercedes c180K for winter tyres. I have recycled them, alternating between summer and winter tyres. On Saturday the 7th June, I hit an object on the road which punctured my tyre. I was reassured in the knowledge that given the extended warranty the manufacturer places on this tyre, Kwik-Fit would be well placed to help me with my issue. I took the car to Kwik-Fit Camelon, for inspection on Tuesday the 10th of June and the fitter advised me that to return with a receipt the next day. I duly did, only to be told that the year’s warranty had expired. I then informed the fitter that Marangoni are unique in offering a lifetime guarantee for accidental damage. The link here for provides details: http://tyre.marangoni.com/Azienda/Warranty/Warrantyfolder.aspx#.U5jBDXamU1I The fitter said he would need to speak to his manager. The manager (Alan) then came over and aggressively said “what’s the problem?” I explained the situation to him. He put it to me that Kwik-Fit do not offer the warranty and it’s only 1 year of cover. I said that was in contrast to Marangoni’s manufacturer guarantee.The manager Alan, then became visibly angry and raised his voice saying, aggressively “To be honest with you, I don’t care what Marangoni say. I’m telling you that we do what we offer, and i’m not interested in anything else. As far as i’m concerned it’s your problem, take it up with Marangoni!” I was quite perturbed by this reaction and said “no, i’ll take it up with your manager” and asked for his details. Alan provided Wayne’s (The area manager) mobile number.I called Wayne at lunchtime today and to be honest, am less than impressed by his customer service. He repeated (many, many times) that indeed Alan was correct about the warranty. After much discussion, he eventually offered to take the tyre and send it to Marangoni to see if they would honour the warranty. I said that I would be delighted take him up on the offer. I then told him about the aggression and the disrespect I felt I had received. Wayne then explained that “as I wasn’t there, I can’t comment” I asked him what he was going to do about this and he said “nothing”. I clarified, asking “you won’t speak to him about this, or investigate it?” He said “no” I eventually had to terminate the call because Wayne was continually speaking over me. I clearly asked him to listen to me and told him he wasn’t listening to me several times, but he was at this point, quite frankly, ranting. This is clearly an unacceptable outcome from the original complaint.For 10 years, I have worked in public service and if I was to treat a member of the public with the aggression and disrespect that I have been subjected to in my dealings over this minor issue, an investigation of complaint would take place and if upheld, I would be disciplined. My complaint centres around this key principle- customers and moreover people in general, should never be subjected to abuse/shouting/aggression in any interaction, even when disagreement occurs. In this measure, Alan and Wayne have fallen well short of the mark. As a result, I will take my business elsewhere in future and at the age of 32 and in the prestige market, I would surely have continued a mutually beneficial relationship with Kwik-Fit had this not happened. I would like to know the following: 1.What is the procedure that Kwik-Fit operates in order to deal with customers who have been subject to aggression and disrespect? Is it as Wayne suggests- to do nothing? Not to investigate, not to redirect? Not to support their staff to strive for better customer relations and dispute resolution? 2-Are Kwik-Fit staff trained to be aware of Manufacturers Warranties? Do they receive training in the procedures in place to support customers wishing to claim under these. It seems in this case they clearly do not. 3-What will Kwik-Fit do to help and support customers like myself who have suffered in this way? I look forward to your response and would like to thank you for reading my complaint. I apologise for it’s length, but I felt it important that you should both appreciate the situation in full, and get a sense of my own frustration and upset. Regards,John Young
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