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  1. great news about welcome ,wouldve preferd a settled account than it disapearing ,but cant be fuss:lol: just spoke to credit file team about bank details its cos i updated my address and be bk to normal tomoro so looks like dont need do nothing about welcome now eh
  2. hi there thought give update now this is strange all welcome debts have disapeard from my credit file how strange is this ? just disapeard ,not that im compaining only one thing is on my file is my next acc which is in good nick and werid my bank current account has disapeard too ,not sure why ,as im not happy about that
  3. well its been over 5 weeks now and havent heard anything back from welcome ,not that im suprised thou ,any idea whats next step thanks
  4. found it was in loft ,do i need do anything with it ?
  5. thank you is there a reason why they wouldnt send me a copy of agreement? i think i might have copy in loft
  6. thank you is there a reason why they wouldnt send me a copy of agreement? i think i might have copy in loft
  7. SAR sent to wf ,how many days must i give them before i complain to ICO?
  8. thank you for both of ur advice will get this done tonight will keep u updated:-D
  9. hi the car was defo VT,D and said i had more than half that was it turns out when they sold car at aution they didnt get what they thought for it about £1200 was put on my credit file as late markers they havent been in touch can someone help me draft a letter to ICO i have read a old thread on here from 2012 the same thing happen to the lady , she ref a letter to ICO and her credit file was wipe to green after it so she got a great result
  10. hi, im new so please be gentle with me:wink: been looking through my credit file and have notice welcome finance have put more than a dozen late markers of 6 ,s on my file ,actually over 5 years worth and has never been defaulted i had car with them over 7 years ago and had paid more than half and volunteered to hand car back and that would be it as i had paid more than half seems for over 5 years its geting late markers on my credit file and i heard from a friend that ICO says after 6 late markers it should be defaulted ,is this right ? ive heard nothing for over 6 years from WF and have paid nothing in that time ive also sent CCA over two months ago but no reply can anyone give me advice how get markers off my file also im from scotland and aware could be status barred after 5 years ?
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