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  1. Just checked the POPLA Verification code is valid
  2. Thanks for your advice, I was thinking of going down the POPLA route as you can do it on line.
  3. Hi, any advice how I should word my letter to POPLA?
  4. So 2 weeks on and NPC have replied with a letter with a POPLA parking on private land appeal attached to it. They state we have rejected your appeal on the fact: The site in question is a permit holders zone witch is clearly displayed by the warning signs. Thus in order to park t the site , regardless of the time, duration or circumstances, a vaild parking permit is required. Without such parking charges can be incurred. The warning signs either state permit holders only and UNAUTHORISED OR INCORRECTLEY PARKED VEICHLES WILL BE ISSUED A PARKING CHARGE OF £100. I am unable to take your comments into consideration as we have met all protocols of POFA, the warning sign was displayed in front of the vehicle on the day when displayed on the vehicle, Regrettably the vehicle concerned was parked at the the site in question contravening the conditions of the parking and this either you had intentionally or inadvertently agreed to pay a £100 parking charge in violation of the set parking regulations. You now have a number of options 1. Pay the parking charge notice at the prevailing £60 within 14days 2. Make and appeal to POPLA 3. If you choose to ignore to do nothing we will seek to recover the monies owned to u via our debt recovery procedures.
  5. I have finally seen another one of there stupid tickets they issue at the complex, only difference is on this one is they give you a chance to pay £5 at reception before they process it to NPC
  6. Just found this on the company aswell https://www.asa.org.uk/Rulings/Non-compliant-online-advertisers/Cascade-Financial-Ltd.aspx#.VcpcBKTbLIU
  7. Thankyou for the advice guys, I will get a response posted out to them tmoz. One last Question! On there letter it says if I do not tell them the name/address/details of the driver on the day of the incident they will be forced to take recovery action against me as the registered owner of the vehicle. Is this right/legal?
  8. Hi, sorry yes the incident date was 30-7-2015 there was a piece of paper left on my Windscreen saying Congratulations you have a parking ticket fine for £100. My partner it ripped up and through it away as we thought it was just a scare mongering tactic as it was homemade and very amateurish. I then got a letter through the post with pictures of my car ( with out the £100 parking fine piece of paper on it ) on the 7-8-2015
  9. If they havnt contacted DVLA yet, how did they get my details and address to send the letter?
  10. Should I just ignore there letter or respond to it? I will post a picture of there parking tickets when I see a car with one on there windscreen so you can have a good laugh
  11. Ive took a couple pictures of the Signs in the Car Park
  12. its obviously done in house by the leisure companys staff as its nothing like a ticket you would get by a public traffic warden that works for the council or any legit parking control.
  13. Hi the date of the offence was 30-07-2015
  14. Hi, thanks for replying. My scanner has gone down at the moment but I might be able to scan it at work next Monday. I could try taking a picture of the letter. Are they right to say as the registered keeper of the vehicle you will be liable for the charge and we will have to take recovery against you, even if I wasn't driving the car on that day?
  15. Hi, I was wondering if some people can give me some help on a parking fine from NPC. It States. THE DRIVER IS REQUIRED TO PAY THE CONTRACTUAL PARKING CHARGE OF £100 WITHIN 28DAYS OF THE DATE OF THIS NOTICE. THE CHARGE WILL BE REDUCED TO £60 IF PAYMENT IS RECEIVED BY 17-05-2015 We do not know then name and current address of the driver. Under the protection of freedom act 2012, schedule 4, you are now required to do one of the following by no later then the last day of the 28days beginning with day after date on witch this notice to keeper is issued. pay the outstanding amount if you were the driver of the vehicle, or provide us with the full name of the driver and current address where a notice can be served ( you are also provided to pass the notice to the driver ) Or make representation against/challenge of the contractual parking charge notice. If at the end of the period of 28days, beginning with the day after the date of witch this notice to keeper is issued you have not complied with the above, then you ( as registered keeper of the vehicle ) will become liable for the charge and we will have the right to take recovery action against you. This was in a leisure centre car park and I had just ran over the time on the parking ticket. I know they use there own staff to patrol the car park as the fine ticket was a piece of A4 paper saying CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE A £100 FINE place under my windscreen wipers. Not very professional at all. Should I respond or Ignore these letters? I can see by other threads these are a bunch of no gooders. Any help would be very much appreciated Shaun Shaun
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