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  1. I have emailed the council. I never let a bailiff into my home and this was his first visit. I never saw anyone to do with this bill. I have nearly paid it and now they show up with extras. Bailiff stayed outside, gave me a letter saying £325 owed and not the £90 I actually owe and got the bill down to. He said it was new legislations but I honestly don`t understand any of it, he could lie and I would not know the difference. I just am peeved that I get the bill from nearly £700 with no complaints and then last little bit all hells broken out. No lists of my goods have been made as this is first contact other than letters which I responded to with regular payments.
  2. Hi I was hoping you could help? I have a Rossendale problem. I owed council tax from 2011 which I have paid all but £90.00 0f. As I had apparently an agreement with Rossendale to pay 40.00 a month. I actually paid what I could when I could and paid off nearly 700 quid. An agreement I do not recall but bailiff said I did, but I recall signing nothing. He visited me for the first time today and did not enter the house. But asked for an agreement to be set up over next few days. The bill he gave me was for £325.00. I proved to him via bank statements etc. that I owe only £90.00 But he is claiming default of payment arrangements due to new legislations. So I threw back that if I owe below £100.00 bailiffs are not supposed to visit houses which he checked with his office and turned out to be true. Do I have to pay the £325.00? Which seems a bit steep for apparently missing a payment. He quoted a whole lot of new legislation stuff at me which I do not understand. I have to resolve this payment in a few days. I have not had a court letter or let a bailiff in my home and neither did he ask to come in. He was quite polite but I still think the extra money on top of the £90.00 I owe is obscene seeming I have battled to pay off £700. I am struggling financially so this is not peanuts to me. It just seems odd that I was nearly finished paying this damn bill and now its nearly half of what I owed in the first place. The payment plan that was apparently set up does not include a list of items from my house as today was the first time I have seen a bailiff regarding this bill. The last letter they sent me was 4th September 2013 Yet he has tried fobbing me off that he has sent later letters and phoned my mobile. Which is rubbish as I don`t own one!. He also tried to fob me off with a rude comment that I apparently have a history of failed payments earlier due to failed credit payments which is also untrue as I have all the bank statements that show payment going out in black and white. I don`t know my rights on this, do I have anyway I can get this bill down? Any help grateful. Kind regards all.
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