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  1. Hi there. I am a volunteer for social enterprise that does free complaints advice and Advocacy. I would suggest looking at the misselling of the product by the IFA. I would suggest contacting his network (who would have done his compliance) to raise the complaint. We have had a good few of these complaints upheld recently but they tend to take time and lots of looking into the paperwork at the point of sale. Do you still have this?
  2. I would suggest that the insurance company should give you the cover at the price it would have been when you took it out (the price increases with age). There is no way LTA is £20 higher than DTA. I would also check the new policy still covers you for terminal illness and any waiver of premium. As in regards to compensation it is hard for FOS to decide what is fair, somethings upset people in different ways. Your main complaint is the advice you were given not the actual product. It may be worthwhile writing to the IFA's network (who do their compliance) to raise a concern. Cheers
  3. I mean this company http://www.fca.org.uk/static/documents/final-notices/timothy-adrian-hughes.pdf Apologies we are a small social enterprise who do free complaints advice. I'm one of their volunteers. thanks
  4. I would struggle to disagree with you on MMF. lol
  5. Was wondering if anyone had any dealings with this company. Both directors have been banned by the FCA. It has been suggested that they gave bad or no advice on high risk pension products. We are currently dealing with a complaint from a customer about miss selling and are encouraging him to go through the FSCS but he fears he might face tax charges. It looks like 1 stop financial services operated a 'pension liberation' scheme which means our customer may be liable for additional tax charges (55%) of the total pension pot. Although he only received around £6000 from his pension (v
  6. I know it can take ages for them to register a default but if your last payment was over 6 years ago the debt would be legally unenforceable.
  7. Best of Luck on Monday. I would try and not worry. I worked as part of a financial inclusion policy team covering the UK and something like 97% of people who have a legal adviser at a repo hearing are successful at not being repo'd. Good luck again.
  8. Back in my younger days with Mac Hall that's what we done.
  9. Lets be honest here, they sent the original email to loads of people and responded with the NOA to whoever got back to them in the hope one is the actual debtor.
  10. I know that there are legal debates on what a notice of assignment actually is but if they are sending it by email and not a letter means they have no idea if this guy is the debtor. They're just chancing their arm. If the above knows nothing of the debt this seems likely.
  11. BT offer an excellent pension scheme especially before 1984. Things you need to know before making a choice are: Are you married or have dependent children? If you don't you could opt to to a final salary transfer out. In a final salary scheme most of the value is tied up in spouses or dependent benefits. If you are never going to use this it might be worth looking at this option. Depending on how ill you are you may be able to get a better lump sum and impaired life annuity (income). If you are seriously ill (normally with a potential life expectancy of under 12 months) you ma
  12. Looks like they are 'fishing' to me. We once had a customer who the above company wrote to all the members of the household (including a 6 year old) claiming they owed money for the same debt. If you can be bothered contacting them (and you have defo not borrowed the money) I would contact them and ask them to stop contacting you.
  13. when did you make the last payment on the card? Do you live in Scotland/ England or Wales?
  14. Some mortgage companies set up a SIP (Special insurance policy), when I worked with the RBSG we set up the SIP and premiums were applied annually and interest charged against it. This would normally be set up as a sub account on your mortgage. These policies are generally expensive but it is a general condition of a mortgage that the interest must be insured. If you can provide evidence to say it was I would imagine they would refund the premiums. You can also get building cover with another provider and as long as it covers the reinstatement value of the property that will be ok. You al
  15. If you believe the product was miss sold you should complain to Aviva. they will forward it to the seller of the product. I would also question why is was cancelled. If it was the end of the term that's fine. But if they have cancelled because it was unprofitable they it may be an excellent policy and you can claim Aviva have left you unprotected without reasonable insurance. In regards to miss selling, were you aware you had the product? Even though it may have been suitable if you were totally unaware of the policy you will still be able to claim. Although we may need more details.
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