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  1. Hi i took it over 3 years but not sure as they would not send me full copys of credit agreement i took out 3 items in march 2013 i explained i could not afford to meet full payments and was assaulted verbually on the telephone saying they would infact have no option to remove goods if did not make full payments on time. Also i do not have insurance with them as i have home insurance
  2. Hi I was wondering if anybody knows how i go about handing furniture back to perfect home please Reason is i am financially no longer able to keep up regular payments with them for goods i received in March 2013 I telephoned my local store stating i can not keep up full payments for the items i have on HP only to be what i can say is bullied and sort of intimidated into lending cash to pay them that weeks payment. Thing is i now am in my 10 day of arrears and im worried they will turn up and take goods away. I have explained that i am unable to keep up full payments and im not sure on what to do next. Has anybody else had dealing with this company and where can i write to into handing back goods and what are my rights into doing so Thank you
  3. Hi Thank you for reply. Do i have to write to the store i purchased items from or is there a a office i write to regarding this.. The agreement has never been terminated but not sure if i have paid exactly half yet as they were not forth coming at sending me a full statement when i requested one..
  4. Hi I wonder if anybody can give me some information on Perfect home... I stupidly took out a couple of items with them at the start of last year and wish i did not i have been paying a rude amount of money to them ever since i am fully up to date with all payments but do not own cover plus but want to know if i am within my rights to hand the items back as i am financially not able to keep up with the payments anymore and would much rather return the goods than to stay in debt and possibly run up a ccj for non payment any information will be a help thank you
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