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  1. Yes, they were defaulted between 06-2011 I think. Was a considerably larger amount: over 20k and they were all unenforceable agreements where they even existed. These are what I consider my second wave of credit. Never again....
  2. Thanks Is that just regarding address change?, I think I've done all these. This was sort of my thinking. I did unfortunately have issues in my early 20s and defaulted a load of stuff, regretted defaulting them over a few years so were defaults on my credit report for 11 years in total due to stagger, I should have learned but I guess easier said than done. There were some with unenforceable agreements so I spent a lot of time reading and started to understand a bit about how they work. I just wish they'd all defaulted at once rather than struggling to pay a few of them for a f
  3. They all know I've been struggling and all have been in agreements but tbh its not really helped. I think I'm really looking at needing at least 6 months of paying them next to nothing. I will write to them though as so far its been by phone or just agreeing to a plan on phone app. Yes makes sense. Aqua, Vanquis, Capital one, Argos, Next, Jacamo. Upon checking there are only 6. Jacamo is actually 6 months in arrears and they've only just sent a default notice. All taken out in the last 5 years. Only Bristol and Sutor which is the council tax arrears.
  4. Hi everyone. After 10 years in relatively good finances in the last 6 months I ended up giving up my rented flat and moving in with brother due to things really hitting the fan. Below is a basic idea of my finances. I'm self employed with no dependants or mortgage etc. Priority debts Rent, c tax, bills, food etc paid direct to brother, has been flexible till now but thats sort of part of the issue. £400 a month so can't argue it but its been a bit £50 here and there and tbh I want to be giving him solid payments. Council tax arrears from last year
  5. Ok update and a request for more advice if possible. Payment was made on 17th of jan and feb, £300 taken from balance and the deduction from the council for the time I wasn’t in the property. Balance down to £350. Yesterday a letter from B & S again headed Notice Of Enforcement with a balance of £425. This time stating I couldn’t sell anything I owed etc. Requesting payment of £40 a week. Presuming this to be a mistake I called them(I know not to call but I thought this was just a mix up) and apparently because I didn’t contact them in the week after the 17th
  6. I guess theres no £700 phone involved like mobile phone contracts. She did say they'll need the router back though which is fine.
  7. That makes sense. Totally off subject but this might be of interest to some others. I called up EE to discuss moving or cancelling my home broadband as I have 9 months left where my brother has 2. Because my brothers house hasn't got the faster fibre set up by BT yet they will cancel the contract with no charge as they are unable to supply what i'll be paying for. I was expecting 9x£35. I don't know if thats a general thing or just a company policy but was a nice surprise.
  8. Thanks for that. Sorry I didn't spot your reply yesterday. Amazing I've got somewhere, this morning I went to meet my brothers housing association contact who told me that I was effectively homeless and that my brothers house is overcrowded with 2 of us in as 1 room is classified as a study even though its big enough for a bedroom so I'm now high priority for them to get me my own place and this towns growing at a new estate a month right now so she thinks its well worth doing. Back to the council, I rang them and said I'm making myself homeless and that there is n
  9. Its definitely headed as Notice of Issue. The £235 is just on the back of the letter, not actually in the main wording but it does say the debt will be "referred to an enforcement officer who will send a notice of enforcement". I presume at that point they add the £235?
  10. The liability order letter came from Bristow and Sutor before christmas. It stated that if contact was not made within 14 days the debt would be referred to an enforcement agent and a further £235 added to the debt hence I contacted B&S before christmas to try and avoid the £235. There was a letter from the council a few months back with a court date which was the last from them.
  11. They've got the liability order but I think its still at the compliance stage. I just don't think I can afford to prevent it going to the enforcement stage. The only letter I've had so far is a Notice of Issue of Liability order which I've responded to and agreed and unsustainable repayment plan. I guess that was stupid but it was the 23rd of december and honestly I had things to do. In fairness it was either accept her offer or it goes to the next stage. I know from past experience if you miss a payment by 1 day you break the agreement and it goes to the enfo
  12. Due to a change in circumstances i.e. self employed and injury affecting earnings I managed to get 2 months in rent arrears with private landlord and have £800 council tax owing from 2019. After careful consideration I've decided to go and live with my brother for a bit, he has a house on the housing association and we get on ok + association are ok with it. Splitting all bills my outgoings drop from £1150 to £350 a month Im sure the landlord will be ok, we have a good relationship despite the arrears, with the deposit there will just be a few hundred pounds owing which I'm su
  13. Its a hire agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974. Ive drafted a CCA request to send. My stance at the moment is that I do acknowledge the debt and wish to make an agreement to repay however i'm pretty annoyed at them adding 18%pa interest because I have tried to arrange repayment with them only to receive generic scripted responses. Seems EAME are PB's in house collections, can't find any info online about them.
  14. Right default and termination received and they have now passed to a debt collector. Seems the default notice was not served under the cca, unsure if this makes any difference? They are adding interest at £70 a month. I did try and arrange with them the other month but they were just making no sense to my emails. Something that does confuse me, if they have terminated the contract then can they keep adding interest?, seems they state its commercial interest although this is not mentioned in the agreement just by the debt collector. It states the following in the terms of the ag
  15. Includes postage also infact the vast majority of whats owed is for postage.
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