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  1. so i should just ignore all my PDL debts and never pay them back?
  2. I spoke to ARC on the phone(!) after having missed a payment in december and they have been happy to set my payment plan backup from the end of january and also reduced it from £45 p/m down to £30 p/m with no argument! I have spoken to a few of my lenders on the phone this month and they all seem a lot less aggresive than they have been in previous years. Maybe the new legislation is having some effect?
  3. That must have been a really long investigation they did on themselves LMFAO
  4. Does anybody know if anything has happened to them? I have been emailing them over the past couple of weeks but for the last 2 days my replies have just bounced back with DNS errors?
  5. It's not as easy as that. They have my card details and I don't want to cancel the card again. OK I could cancel the CPA and if that even works then I am still going to have to contact 100pounds and try to get them to accept £115, which they wont, then it will go into default and get passed to a debt collector etc etc. It's not as easy as you lot make out I would rather just pay it and then report them if possible
  6. They are refusing to remove the charge and say I must stick to the original agreement which means I will have to repay £165 on payday which I plan to do Is it worth me reporting them to the FCA and how would I do that?
  7. Just received this email!!!!!! Please be aware that you have signed a Loan Agreement with us which clearly states that: "In the event that you do not pay the payment sum on the due date, you will be in default on your Loan, and you will be charged a missed payment fee of £50.00 (which will be added once the loan has become 2 days overdue); and a missed payment fee of £50.00 (which will be added once the loan has become 17 days overdue)." The due date of your loan was 19th July. You were able to extend your loan until 20th July for a £20 fee. As you were unable to repay or extend
  8. Well I emailed them but no reply. I cannot cancel my card because I have only just setup new pro-rata repayments to my other pdl's, so I guess they are going to sting me for about £200+ How do I report their penalty charges to the FCA?
  9. Could you give some advice about how I go about not paying the charge? Do I email them and say I agree to pay £120 or £x amount on payday and see if they accept I guess If I dont cancel my card they are just going to take what they want which will affect my other payments
  10. Just found this at the bottom of the email Copyright © 2012 100pounds.co.uk. 100pounds.co.uk is a trading name of Sunny Marketing Ltd. I dont mind paying them up to £150 on my payday just to get rid of them but it sounds from the email that they are going to charge me £50 every 7 days. I dont want to change banks again as I have only just done that.. I guess I could report my card as stolen and hope they dont get to the money? Is it worth me emailing them and saying I agree to pay £150?
  11. 100pounds.co.uk I am in trouble with this company as well as I was due to pay the loan back on the 19th. I will be able to pay it on payday at the end of July. They have emailed me to inform me that they have added £50 charge to the loan, which I think is pretty excessive? Original loan was £100 over 10 days, repayment should have been £115 on the 10th day. Email from them: Your bank has declined our numerous attempts to collect the 100Pounds loan repayment on your 10 day loan today and the payment remains outstanding. We are keen to be a loan provider that you can trust, bu
  12. Well there is no money in the account and it has no overdraft so hopefully it should be ok but I think I am going to phone them and try to close the account
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