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  1. It is shocking - and unbelievable really :/ I dont work in the financial industry - I work in the security industry so a call saying I have committed fraud on my bank went down like a lead balloon as you can imagine. The letters have just aggravated the situation. I had to go in an investigation, placed on limited duties in terms of access to systems until I could "prove" my innocence!
  2. Hi All, I will try and keep this brief but I wondered if someone can help me. Approx. 2009 ish I took out a payday loan with Safeloans and all was well. My son passed suddenly and things spiralled out of control, I was subsequently diagnosed with Bi-Polar and a social worker was allocated to me. I could not communicate with Safeloans, they were sent a letter by a credit union asking them to cease contact with me which they ignored, ignored the payment arrangement and took to court. A charge was put on my property. Fast forward to 2014. I am at work and reception called me to say they had Halifz bank on the line they needed to speak with me regarding fraud I had commited on my account. The call was transferred to me and it was Safeloans who had found me on Linkedin! I panicked and hung up. I was placed under investigation at work due to this. I complained to safeloans and said I had obtained a copy of the call and they said I had broken the law and they needed to speak with my employer. I panicked and did nothing more. Since then they have sent two letters to my employer saying under the money laundering act they need further information about me. I lodged an official complaint with them and they sent me newspaper articles of someone who had died in a car accident and said he worked from work often and were unable to assist me without going to the deceased parents and asking for his computer. I went to the FOS who have said they will tell them to write the debt off (600.00 ish) plus 100.00 compensation. Considering my employment is at risk I want to know is this proportionate - is this the only recourse I have with them? The FOS advisor said their compensation limits are very low and agree with what they have offered - they have all the evidence of the above - funnily enough all my "data" with safeloans as in communication and calls to me was lost in a system migration. Can anyone help please? Shall I fight further or accept this?
  3. Because two were in 1999 and Aviva wont take responsibility fornthose and welcome wont as they were unregulated.
  4. Hi All, After a very recent successful PPI claim with Aviva I am looking at my other paper work/finances and wondered if you could help me please. Being very young and naïve I took out a mortgage on a low income when I was 18 with Norwich and Peterborough and fell into arrears this was in 1998, the situation escalated and we remortgated firstly with Preferred and then with GMAC who we are still with now. We managed to stave off repossession and I am thankful to say we have worked bloody hard in our employments and are in a much stronger financial position. We did however during the three mortgages gain mortgage arrears charges, administration charges, charges for sending a debt councillor to our homes, solicitors charges and also early redemption charges. Are any of those reclaimable? I have also from a bit of reading seem to think we may have a case of miss-sold mortgage between preferred and GMAC as the broker was well aware we were in arrears however did not properly assess our affordability for when we came out of a fixed rate period and the surveyor actually came in the home asked what we needed to borrow for the mortgage and wrote that down as the valuation without actually looking around our home. Is this true? Also my spare time is little as we have a beautiful severely disabled daughter so I fight battles on a daily basis so despite the fact they take a percentage for something as complicated as this seems would much prefer a cmc and can anyone recommend a good one? Claiming back PPI was easy but I am presuming (may be wrong) this will be much more complex. Also with the PPI Welcome rejected the PPI from 1999 and I have hit a brick wall as they were unregulated in those days - am I right to close the door on that chapter? Thank you so much for your help - the recent PPI claim you lovley people helped me with (2800.00) is paying for some very much needed adaptations for my daughter so you will never know how much this means. Thank you/
  5. Hi All I wanted to return and update you with what happened with my PPI claim. I complained to welcome who said in regards to PPI dated 1999 there was nothing we could do and seem to have hit a brick wall in terms of those as they were unregulated at that time. As for the ones in 2001/2002 I was redirected to Aviva who within weeks refunded us £2805.06 with no hassle at all for anyone looking to claim PPI from 1st June 2000 then. Please contact Aviva. I have accepted there is no route for those dayes 1999 but happy at how professional Aviva were.
  6. Hi, Will do thank you. He has said that they will be looking at the whole complaint and as much as he wants to reolve quickly there is a lot of notes on the sytem to go through. I will update as and when I hear something from them.
  7. Hi, Sorry forgot to add - I did not send a SAR off as the gentleman at Welcome gave me all the account numbers and the amount of the PPI premium but said it would need to be looked at further to calculate the reloans etc.
  8. Hi, Sorry if the original post is confusing. I tied to claim PPI back in 2006 and was told as my accounts were dating back to 1999 etc records had been archived or were not eligible as I had signed for the PPI in branch despite the branch saying I had to as part of the loan - Welcomes view point was I had no documentary evidence of this and was my word against theirs. The branch manager was also insistent the PPI had not been misold. After I complained to H/O regarding the information given by the branch manager she registered me maliciously as deceased! - This was resolved by welcome in 2006 and they updated my credit file. After all of this I never pushed any further on the PPI and believed them when they told me I was too late to claim. What they have said now is: Claims post 2000 are "Time Barred" Claims after 2000 I have to go through Aviva Claims after 2005 I have to go to FCSC However the guy who is handling my complaint advised me due to all the back history to write in and due to all the upset, misinformation etc given previously and distress caused (I was battling cancer at the time - they registered me deceased and did not know my own mortality at that point!) he would ensure my complaint was looked at promptly even though they have 8 weeks and agreed my case is not black and white. I understand Welcome are a law to themselves however up to now the complaint is being handled well and the gentleman appointed is being very sympathetic however I also know not to get my hopes up. As they have told me so much incorrect info in the past I have no idea if the above info about being time barred etc is true but what the complaint guy has said was if my complaint was upheld in 2006 then the two PPI's in 1999 would not have been time barred. Hope that helps?
  9. Hi All, I am new to the forum however have read many posts. To cut a very long story short I had several loan accounts with Welcome Finance dated 1999-2006 all of which had PPI on ranging from 28.00 to 1711.00 - total PPI premiums paid 4610.00. All our loans were paid off on time and no payments missed. In 2006 I contacted Welcome regarding mis sold PPI as we were told due to our age we were classed as high risk and PPI was a requirement of the loan. We had no reason to believe this was not the norm. At the time I was battling cancer and I explained all this to the manager at our local branch. The manager was quite rude and I escalated my complaint to head office. Head office told us all our loan documents were archived and therefore our case was closed. Approx. 6 months later my husband was told his bank account was being closed due to Fraud! - He rang and was told that when we had applied to upgrade our account it had showed me as deceased! - Further investigation showed that Welcome Finance had updated my credit record to show me as deceased. An internal investigation took place and the Branch Manager had done this. I was given 250.00 as a good will gesture at the time. I have out of the blue received letters from FCSC, I rang FCSC who told me I was wrongly informed by Welcome in 2006 however they can only deal with loans after 2005 I have written again to Welcome and outlined my complaint again and stated that if I had not been misinformed in 2006 I would have been eligible and that I do not feel I should be told my PPI is time barred for that reason as effectively until that letter came I thought I could not claim. I still have the letters from 2006 stating that is the case. My question is I do not have any loan documentation, the guy at Welcome gave me the account numbers and PPI premiums. This is the basic premium excluding the annual interest paid which was 29.9%. The majority of the loans were reloaned so the balance of the PPI settled and added on top of the new loan as well as taking out new PPI. Will Welcome if they uphold my complaint take that into consideration a nd refund the annual loan interest as well as the standard 8%? Thank you for your help in advance
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