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  1. Hi I've been through the BPA's code of practice but I cannot find anywhere that states 56 days, I think I've been trawling the net that much that I'm not seeing it. Do you know the code reference number that states it please so I can quote this when I contact them. The fleecers are sheild security. They are members of the BPA. The offence was committed on 20/3/14 and the NTK was sent 4/6/14 Thanks for your reply
  2. Hi My situation is different in the fact that I work at a college and we have to obtain a yearly parking badge that we display on the vehicle windscreen. I have the correct badge but I wasnt parked in a designated parking bay. I was parked next to a wall but not obstructing anyone. Anyway I received a PCN on my windscreen and I just ignored it. Weeks later I received a NTK but I realised they'd put the wrong date on the original PCN as they'd pre-dated it to the following November. I sent them an email pointing this out and they squashed it. They've now sent me another NTK for a separ
  3. Hi No its a college carpark. I've searched the BPA website and cannot find anything that states 56 days
  4. I've searched everywhere on the net and cannot find anything stating the 56 day rule. Its taken them 11 weeks to send me a Notice To Keeper letter since issuing me with a Parking Charge Notice. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction please? Thanks
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