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  1. Ganymede Thanks for your response. Yes, I went to court, but I had no idea at the time, stupid I know, but I was in a very difficult situation. I really wish I had found this site back then and yes, leaving it for 5 years may appear to be very irresponsible, but let's just say I've had my eyes closed for far to long and now I want to take control of my finances again. Moving forward, I need to find a way how to make this debt manageable and get rid of the charging order. How do I set about appealing and do something about the interest? The amount I owe, has actually risen year
  2. Hi Ganymede Without being to personal, I don't have a great paying job now, and neither do I have much in the way of savings. To realistically pay off this in a reasonable time, say 6 years, I would have to pay in the region of £300 a month, a bit to much for my budget. The original loan repayments was £330 for £5K, over 5 years, but my circumstances were different when I took out the loan. To maintain that amount, I would have to forsake a lot of everyday things for a long time. You maybe right about not being able to do anything about the CCJ and Charging order now, but histor
  3. Hi DX, Im not totally sure. The Judement for claimant form I have, simply states: The interim charging order applied for by Shoosmiths states the court orders that 1. The interest of the judgement debtor (my name) in the asset described in the schedule below stand charged with payment of £14,xxx.xx together with any further interest becoming due and the costs of the application. I suppose I have answered my own question, but It really seems Shoosmiths just seen me coming and I never had representation because I never understood the implications. It appears the Judgement
  4. Hi All, I had two loans with A&L from 2005 - 2009. The second consolidating the first, where my payment record was good. In 2008/9 I struggled with work and defaulted payments. In no time, I had a CCJ and charging order on my home. It was an unsecured loan so I really didn't think a Charging order could be obtained... Wrong. Recently, I have noticed the effects of the CCJ trying to apply for a job! This has motivated me to look again at the situation and seek what I can do about it now? Shoosmiths acted on behalf of A&L and I attend the coun
  5. citizenB I will deal with PPI next. I need to put together my defence response and run it past you first. I am concerned about the level of detail I should include! Should I post it word for word, paraphrase it, or just include a summary of the points I intend to use as a defence? I would like to thank you and everyone else for the advice thus far, it is and has been very helpful
  6. Thank you andyorch. Saves me the time, effort and postage. Many thanks
  7. I apologise for not reesponding earlier, but I have had a busy day today so I have just got around to catching up. First, thank you Ganymede, I take your point, a defence needs to be made and I shall do; which leads on to citizenB's earlier response, I will look at making a defence over the next couple of days and will run it by you. I have also been thinking today that I need to notify Hagerty that I do not agree to an extension! Would I be right? I am going to type a brief letter tonight simply stating: "I confirm I am not agreeable to an extension of filing a defence and I wil a
  8. Hello citizenB In that case, I don't think I will agree to 15.5 extension, then I want to look to defend on the grounds that the procedures haven't been correctly followed. I haven't thought about it to much just yet. On your second point, I want to SAR a lot of my old credit cards and loans and establish if I can claim PPI etc., this one included. To be fair, I have alot of the original copies of most agreements, so may not need to SAR and save some money. In this instance, I had been paying insurance on the OS balance every month and only w
  9. Ok citizenB Standing by Thank you
  10. Oh, yes I have AoS 1st June
  11. Thank you citizenB. Thank you for the template, but I have just read my question again and maybe it was a little ambiguous! My thoughts were more in line with: Can i reject hagerty's request for an extension? Wouldn't the claim just be thrown out if they haven't got the paperwork by the time I need to file my defence? ps. Yes the court address is still the same
  12. Yes Rebel11, I think, but to summarise all the details: CCJ Claim date of issue: 20th May, 2014 PoC: As per attachment including claimant, MBNA for just over £3K on a CC. The Limit was £2900, but I couldn't make payments due to unemployment and insurance would cover because the account was in arrears. The events leading up to this were: Last payment was October 2008 (I think) I haven't got a default notice from MBNA, but experian state the account default date as 31/08/09 and the account now belongs to Aktiv Kapital Original Agreement was June 20
  13. Thank you for putting it in the right thread. I will stand by
  14. Hi everyone, Great site with lots of information but I wanted to clarify the followiong. I got a CCJ claim from Hegarty acting for Aktiv Kapital on 20/05/14 for a MBNA Credit card (POC attached) I had a few years ago and fell behind on payments (A dark period) I have acknowledged service and sent a CPR 31.14 request and CCA request. I then received the attached letter. My question: Do I have to agree the extention and is it in my best interest to do so? Any info greatfully received PS. I posted here first, because I wasn't sure where to post this thread, Sorry fee
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