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  1. Intrum have now got back to me. Asking for full name, d.o.b,, postcode. I'll write to them (is email really that bad?), do they need all that info to confirm who I am, after all they wrote to me!
  2. Okay thanks. I did email intrum the other day asking for more details of this alleged debt. When I hear back I'll forward the County Court judgment.
  3. do you reckon has anyone done anything wrong from a data point of view? Surely it can't be right that intrum are now trying to get money from me, surely IND (incidentally I do like your canine description of them!) should have indicated that there is no debt and that a court of law has said there is no case against me
  4. dx100uk thank you. I have a 'General Form of Judgment or Order ' from the County Court to WFS. It states that proceedings against me have been discontinued, that the judgment against me has been set aside and it orders WFS to pay some related costs. I can easily send that through to intrum but I still don't understand why intrum are beginning to chase me for this debt. Surely when intrum took this over from IND it should have been clear to them that the case had been dismissed? Quite frankly after my dealings with IND I never wanted to hear from them again and so was rather upset (putting it mildly) to get a letter bringing it up. According to the letter from intrum, IND is the legal owner of my account and has legitimate interest to share my data with them etc etc. I don't necessarily have a problem with that if the data was correct. However the fact is the data that IND have suppiled to intrum is incorrect as I do not and have never owed IND or WFS money.
  5. Hi I don't know if anyone can help or point me in the right direction. Several years ago IND were chasing me for an alleged debt to Welcome Financial Services. Over the course of over two years IND pursued this debt and sent a number of letters threatening court action. It was a very stressful time and I found IND completely unhelpful in trying to resolve this dispute and show that I was not the person who had incurred the debt. There was eventually a court hearing in which proceedings against me were discontinued and IND paid costs. I had a letter of apology from IND and a letter of apology from WFS, APS who were the process servers who waited in their car outside my house late in the evening and unnerved my wife didn't even bother to apologise. I complained to the ICO about companies mishandling data by passing information onto third parties without checking if that information was accurate and whilst the ICO stated that it was 'unlikely that IND Limited complied with the requirements of the DPA" they didn't take further action at the time as IND had corrected the inaccurate information. It wasn't exactly a happy outcome, mealy mouth apologies and a derisory cheque to acknowledge all the strain and distress they had caused to me and my family for two years but at least it was at an end. Until today. I return home from work and find that intrum have now taken over (seemingly) the same debt and are now asking me to pay them. I presume this is the same case that I thought had been dealt with and closed after it had been thrown out of court. I am perplexed how IND can be passing on information to another debt collection agency and that debt collection agency is wanting me to pay them. My instinct is to try to find a good solicitor!
  6. I got back my court costs but not other costs e.g. phone calls, postage, travel, time etc. Disappointed and angry that IND/Welcome Financial can twice in two years accuse me of something of which I am completely innocent and then just walk away from the mess that they and they alone have caused just to their incompetence and their aggresiveness, doesn't seem just. I am writing to my MP and looking at one or two other avenues. As it is IND/Welcome Financial have caused me and my family a great deal of unnecessary stress and anxiety over the last two years and I have no guarantee that in twelve months time they won't blunder and pick on me again. I'll update the fourm if I get anywhere with complaints/ other actions.
  7. Just to update all those who were kind enough to take an interest. I had my day in court. Unfortunately Welcome Financial Services (who had made the original claim against me) got their wish for discontinuation. It does seem grossly unjust that they can cause two years worth of stress based on their incompetence and recklessness and then can just drop it. Thank for all those who have given advice, I still think it was important to stand up to these companies and their abuse of power and not signing their consent order and going to court was part of that even if I haven't got the outcome I desire, yet.
  8. I've taken your advice and will be very interested to see how they reply.
  9. I wouldn't have been expectign a parcel containing apparel for seafaring thats for sure!
  10. http://www.proteusinvestigations.co.uk/index.html - seems like its there line of work but I will ask claimant to confirm
  11. Thanks dx110uk, I notice from the thread though that there's reference to Advanced Payment Solutions Limited who are based in London tho' I don't think it doesn't sound like their line of work). I also notice DonkeyB's words about not confusing this ‘APS’ with the very proper and legitimate logistics company of the same name. I do want to make sure I get the address for the right APS
  12. Thanks Mike. I've tried the first of those numbers and thats the court office situated in Norwich that handles a load of courts in the Eastern area and who could not get me the information I needed. I will try the other numbers but suspect that I'm going to get the same reply. I can understand why they might not wnat a direct line to individual courts but it is frustrating.
  13. Does anyone know if you can get a direct line to county court offices? I need some documents from Chelmsford which never reached me and the only office I can get through to is based in Norwich and unfortunately they are unable to answer my queries.
  14. Thanks I'll let you know how I get on. Your last sentence sums it all up very concisely.
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