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  1. Final update.. The trader came to collect the car yesterday - to say he was rather sheepish is an understatement as he returned the £6+k. Thank you for the replies here - the confidence and direction you gave us made all the difference. Genuine genuine thanks. Tom
  2. Bit of an update on this gents.. Co-incidentally, whilst checking a few bits today regarding the car, i came across some information that there was 2 outstanding safety recalls from Toyota for her vehicle dating back to Feb (way before she bought it). A quick call to c.a.b as i wasnt online at the time ended up with the adviser reporting them to trading standards locally to where they are, as apparently not only was the wording on the sales invoice an issue as she wasnt a trader, but apparently also selling a motor with outstanding recalls against is a big no-no aswell.. So with new confidence, i rang the chap up, armed with info found on this cracking website, and with nearly every possible answer to whatever he was going to try to use to swerve things, lo and behold, he is going to coming round in the next day or so to collect and to refund via bank transfer face to face. I'll be keeping on top of him to make sure he contacts me again tomorrow to confirm etc, but fingers cross it's moving to a conclusion. Thanks all.
  3. Sorry didnt think to read the upload guidelines, apologies..will go through them now for future so i dont post anything untoward. Is there a recommended template perhaps for a letter or is an informal email to the guy best way to start things off ? I think the chap may try to shirk his responsibilities especially if as you say that they cant do a trade sale to public.
  4. I've enclosed the p/w she signed and no she had no explanation. Thanks for your help here..
  5. Hi Thanks for the reply. It's a Toyota Auris 31k mileage, 61 plate, (late 2010). The trader is ST Motor Group Mitcham Surrey. I don't mean to sound a bonehead but what do you mean in respect of the doucumention sign for the vehicle and if it says "trade sale and no refund" I've got the paperwork to hand here but it doesnt let me pm as i havent made enough on the forum apparently.. She's got the green flag paperwork, attended by my old company actually, but its very sparse, literally just the green flag breakdown codes and outcome codes, no write up as such. Tom
  6. Hi Family member has recently purchased a car for around 6k (bank transfer) from a trader in South London after having her old car t-boned and written off - One man band sort of trader, registered as private limited company at companies house. Car was road tested for about 25 mins, no obvious issues. Within 2 days of buying the car, the vehicle started having non start issues - it's a semi-auto, with button ignition, - basically a different starting method to what she had been used to before so we thought it was just teething problems getting used to how to do it. A day or so later there was no getting it going at all, so green flag were called, who also couldn't start it and towed home. She got it booked into a garage a few days later, and upon them checking it out, lo and behold the car started with no problem whatsoever and the car was returned with no work carried out. Of course, over the weekend, the intermittent non start issues have returned, with green flag being called out yesterday - after half an hour and without any work being done on it, it started no problem and she was escorted home. It is now non start again at home clearly with some issues, albeit intermittent, with possible question marks around the brake booster in the vehicle. Anyway, to move the story on, when she got the car, there was a 6 month complimentary warranty provided and having had a phone conversation with the trader, he has advised her to deal with them directly regarding the repair. He referred her to the footer of the the sales invoice issued that had the following wording on it, (with her dated signature). "I certify that i am the buyer of the above mentioned vehicle at the price stated. I acknowledge receiving delivery of the vehicle described above. I have been given full opportunity to examine and trial the vehicle and its condition. This vehicle is sold as a trade sale with no refunds, no warranty implied or given by xx company name xx." So basically, i'm asking does that mention of "no refunds" affect anything in respect of the CRA 2015. We were just looking for a little guidance, and perhaps a bit of signposting as to best course of action. She's so demoralised with the whole affair and would prefer to go down the line of returning it, if that is an option. Any help much appreciated and welcomed. (Apologies for any unintentional etiquette breaches in my post) Thanks Tom
  7. I'll admit i was very surprised that they accepted, and so quickly too. Maybe it was my skills at letter writing
  8. Just as an update folks - letter was sent off to the Prosecutions Dept at LOROL last week, which they acknowledged same day asking for us to contact them by telephone. One phone call later, they accepted settlement for the sum of £140..which was less than we actually offered to pay in total. Quite a result in my opinion - no criminal record. Court date cancelled. And i'll be honest, a very straightforward, pleasant experience with Lorol and their prosecutions dept. Very surprised all in all. Thanks to everyone that contributed on here. Tom
  9. Thanks for the reply Old-Codja..She's definitely ignored two notices to pay from what she has told me - i havent seen copies of those letters though. And she was travelling between Shoreditch High Street and New Cross Gate at the time.. Thanks Tom
  10. Thanks for the reply HB.. Apologies - yes the scan of the letter she sent me mentions a penalty fare of £80 rather than a fine. The £125 comes from a sentence towards the end of a page headed statement of facts where it ends with : ' The fare outstanding is £4.50, and this is claimed together with the sum of £125.00 towards the prosecution' Thanks again for the prompt reply. Tom
  11. Evening all. My first post so apologies if i'm breaching any newbie rules or anything, but here goes: Today i was contacted by my niece who was caught for not having an ticket on a stretch of London Overground back in December. She basically didnt pay the £80 fine on the spot, and didnt respond to two reminders she was sent over the next couple of months. A few weeks ago, she was sent a letter calling her to a date at Magistrates court, which is at the end of June. On one of the pages, marked "acknowledgements and notice of plea", it outlines her options of pleading. Clearly the sensible option is for her to plead guilty and let the court sit in her absence. However, is there any benefit (and time for that matter) in her trying to settle directly with London Overground before the date of the hearing by offering to pay the fare, their costs of £125, and perhaps a fixed amount of , lets say, £50 ? She is on a 16 hour contract with her employer, so her regular wage wouldn't be substantial enough to make a huge offer to them. With just over three weeks to the court date, would there be time for her to attempt settlement before she has to let the court know of her intentions ? I've made her aware of the bone headedness of the whole situation she has got herself into, but i'd like to see she makes the right choice as to how to bring the thing to a conclusion. Thanks for reading. Tom
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