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  1. The proposed use as a retail unit in this location reflects the general mix of residential and commercial properties and in this respect, the form of use proposed is not considered to harm the surrounding properties. Whilst the use as a retail unit could potentially generate more visitors to the property, this would not be unusual in this town centre location where it is expected that customers would use the public parking bays or car parks within the town centre and walk to the property. The Highways Officer does not have any objections to the proposal from a highway safet
  2. part of councils letter Concerns have been raised by the Town Council regarding delivery vehicles causing obstruction and the implications that this form of use could have a detrimental impact on the residential amenities for local residents. The site is located within the heart of the town centre where many commercial premises do not have the benefit of off street parking facilities, where staff, customers and deliveries rely on the use of local parking provision within the town centre. This site is no different in this respect. The juxtaposition of residential
  3. hi wanted it to be awedding and gift shop ,ie seosanal gifts cards etc,but maybe one day didnt want to carry on at least i would be able to rent it out but they say we can only run it,planning officer said they put that restriction so i wasn't able to make it into somethings like greggs the bakers (lots of customers) parking etc even though there is plenty of parking.
  4. hi barmy parish council from the start objected,then i started to attend regular council meetings,and the next report was they approved the application,but when it went to committee the local council put the restrictions on ,highways,conservation officer and planning all aproved as well,spoke to senior planning officer about appealing and he said he will submit it to a committee again,so really unsure whats going on as all seems ridiculous
  5. hi just had front rooms of my house passed to a1. as i live in the town center and there are plenty of shops,small village with about 30 shops parish council being a real pain and have had the below restrictions imposed which seem ridiculous as there are other shops selling the same as each other why should i be so restricted any help pleas Following your visit to County Hall earlier today, I have checked further into the outcome of the Committee Meeting yesterday and an additional condition was imposed by Members to be included within the Notice of Decision. The additio
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