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  1. Hi I have complained to them so much over the years - its come down to the fact they cant supply a full legible copy of the CCA - the solicitor has acknowledged without it they cannot proceed with my case!! I know BCT dont have it because I have emailed the legal guy on their website (Adrian)
  2. OK - the other issue issue is that I have not received a complete CCA - at the bottom it says page 1 of 3 the 2 and 3 pages are missing
  3. I have a letter regarding a complaint from Cabot Financial (UK) Limited yet the claimant on the court form was MCE Portfolio They did not purchase the debt and are therefore not the legal owner of it? cabot financial (UK) Limited say it was assigned to them - although they have never given me a notice of assignment - - - Updated - - - but the claimant was MCE portfolio -is that significant
  4. Hi You made some comments on a thread the other day - I wonder if you could help me. 1. I have a letter that says Cabot own the debt but the claim was made by MCE portfolio - I have checked with companies house and they are different companies. 2. So far they have only provided 1 page of a 3 page agreement. 3. I have 3 statements - MCE, Cabot and BCT - all with differing amounts owed, in fact Cabot say they bought it in 2006 0 yet the BCT statements show it will still with them in 2007 - and the statement says written off (18 months after Cabot say they bought it from BCT)
  5. Should I defend? They have only given 2 of 8 pages of the original agreement They also say that the date of assignment was 09/01/2006 - yet I have a statement from BCT showing the debt was still with them in 2007 - both MCE statements and BCT are different - the MCE one starts with a balance in 2004
  6. The n24 came from the County Court Business Centre. I sent a sar to Cabot (Mortimer Clarke)
  7. The court - I phoned them on Friday to see what the outcome was - I can scan documents tomorrow from work - which ones do you want?
  8. Name of the Claimant ? MCE Portfolio Limited Date of issue – 27/12/18 Particulars of Claim 1.The claim is for the balance of instalments due & unpaid under an agreement dated 04/07/2003 & under which BRITISH CREDIT TRUST LIMITED agreed to provide credit in relation to the purchase of goods payable by instalments ("the agreement"). 2.The agreement was assigned to the claimant. PARTICULARS 1. Amount due & unpaid £4,903.63 THE CLAIMANT THEREFORE CLAIMS 1. Amount due and unpaid £4,903.63 2. Costs Have you received prior notice of a clai
  9. Any help appreciated I bought a car on HP in 2003, It was beyond my means and I only made 4 repayments -the car was repossed in 2005. I had a company called Marlin ringing me at work constantly and I was bullied into paying £15pm - I moved house and changed banks and the payments stopped in 2013. In 2015 I had letters from Cabot requesting money - over the years I have argued with them over the debt. They say it was assigned to them in 2016 yet I have statements from the original HP company in 2007 showing the balance - so how can they have it assigned if it was stil
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