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  1. My usual journey is touch in at Southall, jump across to the tube platform (No barriers), touch in at Ealing and touch out at Liverpool St. I've checked my Oyster history this morning and it only goes back to 22nd April. Around 6 journeys don't show a touch in Southall, all the others do.
  2. Thanks so much Tom. At Southall I've touched out twice thinking it hadn't registered the first time and had to call Customer Services for a refund hence why I try and avoid touching in twice as well. Obviously I'm very worried until I hear from them, but do you know how long they usually take? Also, if they just fine me then how much that might be?
  3. Hi, Pls help me me. I travel between Southall and Liverpool st station in London. Sometimes I take the train (FGW) from Southall and go via Paddington and sometimes I get off at Ealing Broadway depending on how the tube is running. Yesterday morning as I got off at Ealing Broadway, I saw the tube platform was packed so decided to get back on the train. Inspectors were also checking tickets here, but as I tried to return to the train I was pulled over a plain cloths police officer or a ticket inspector, he quickly waved his police looking badge but I really didn't see it so not sure who he was When he checked my Oyster card it hadn't been touched in at Southall. I told him I did touch it in but there was no record. I had enough money on my Oyster and I said you can see my regular journey history and the fact I regularly top it up. I gave him all my details and thought he would fine me but instead he read me my rights, filled out a long form which stated the reason why I tried going back on the train, which I signed and then he let me go without fining me or asking me to pay for the fare from Southall. He didn't explain the procedure or what would happen next or how long I should wait for a response. I've just registered with TfL and checked my history and it appears since 22nd April there have been about 6 other occasions when, unbeknown to me, I haven't been touching properly at Southall and this has me really worried now. Can you pls advise what may happen as I'm really worried and unable to sleep thinking I might get a criminal record. Is there anyone I should call or write to? Thanks.
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