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  1. i dont know how to get them onto here for you to see
  2. i have the docs, what do i do now? ty john
  3. I have the paperwork, can you tell me where i send it for you to look at? Thank you so much john
  4. Is there a professional organization i can contact to help me with this? I have Multiple Sclerosis and i am really struggling to work out what the paperwork they have sent me is all about. Any help most welcome. John
  5. Hi everyone, I have received a letter from Blemain finance offering to reimburse me £1300 off the loan account. This doesnt seem like anywhere near enough and I wondered if anyone know what i should do next? Thank you and look forward to your advice.
  6. Ty I will def keep you all posted.
  7. Many Thanks, I will do this 1st thing Monday morning. I have been reading horror stories about this company and I think I will have a battle on my hands to have them treat me fairly. Apparently the capital in coming down by approx £20 a month but the interest on fees is going up by £43 a month I'll let you know how I get on and would be grateful of advice as to the next stage. Kindest regards and thank again John
  8. Hello to everyone and I wonder if you can give me some advice please. We took out a loan with Blemain finance in 2007 for £20,000 to finish our house renovation. We have been paying it for the last 7 years and when I received a statement form them it says we owe £27,000. I have worked it out that we have paid over £20,000 to them already so i am puzzled as to how we can still owe this much. Any help mill be greatly appreciated. Regards John
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