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  1. That would be great if you can get that sent also by post so I can document it please.
  2. Thank you for your reply on here unfortunately I have not received any other reply and is it possible for you to tell me when the store in question was informed pleasr
  3. Could I have a reply in receipt of my email please for my records and proof you have received my email
  4. Yes I have got the dlc I had the osc taken off straight away I read on an earlier post about claiming all dlc how do you go about that
  5. I have seen thank you veganite I can't reply back as not used cag much and I will do this now as they terified my 11 month old son banging on my door last time
  6. I have spoke to them they just fobbed me off to be honest brighthouse was the biggest mistake in my life regarding finance
  7. I have told them that on the phone and In store to the manager he asked both times on what grounds I am removing rights I said harassment but they still called am I best recording all calls myself from now on and keep records in any other ways I have told them it's only a temporary arrangement but they are literally like a computer once it says no it won't change its mind and thank you for your advice
  8. Hi I haven't been on here for a while I was wondering if I could get any help I have 3 items from brighthouse for the amount of £20 a week I recently came out of work and have been on benefits but recently got a 6 month sanction I have told brighthouse this and worked out my affordable amount I have as I only get child benefit and tax credits as £5 spare each week I have paid over a third on all 3 goods but brighthouse won't accept this amount even if my agreement was to be made longer what suggestions is there that I could do as I need the 3 items for day to day life and without them I don't think I would be able to be seen in public as I need to wash my clothes any advice would be great as I have explained to them 4 or 5 times about my circumstances and they just don't listen
  9. i have given up on them i have payed over a third on all my stuff so i am gonna tell them to take me to court where i will explain to the court that i was subjected to misleading information and they weren't assed and also when i took out the products brighthouse charge double what they are worth before the interest and insurance is added on got te telly and its valued as £1960 or something like that but when you go on another website for pc world or even argos it is valued less than half what it is being sold for their loss if you ask me i would of happily carried on paying so i could have all nice things in my house for my son but i suppose i am one of those people who fall into the criteria for bright house as i wasn't working when at the time of taking agreements out. anybody thinking of going to bright house though you are best looking at prices at other stores first i know argos have the buy now pay in 6 months and that is a lot cheaper.
  10. brighthouse are just a bunch of [edited] i had fraud on my bank account and all my money was being taken out of my account so couldnt afford to pay for my telly so i asked them if they could take my telly back they said yeah but they couldnt do it until monday or tuesday which my payment day is saturday so i would have to pay another week for the telly even though i would have it for 2 days and would have to pay a late charge on top of the extra weeks payment for the telly so i asked if i could bring the telly back to them but they said i couldnt do that either so they are trying to make me late on payment ad incur a charge which i would class that as a break in the agreement that i signed as they are making me in debt with them and not me also my laptop charger blew up and nearly caught my son on the leg which when i phoned up they never asked if my son was ok or anything and when asked for a replacement charger they said it would take 4 to 6 weeks and i would have to keep paying for my laptop without being ale to use it until i walked into the store with the charger and they miraculously found a new charger in 5 minutes for me so all they want to do is make more oney out of people
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