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  1. He'll get the second adult rebate which is a 25% reduction. link to details below http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/benefits_e/benefits_help_if_on_a_low_income_ew/help_with_your_council_tax_council_tax_reduction_e/council_tax_reduction_and_second_adult_rebate.htm
  2. you start getting qualifying years at the start of the tax year in which you turn 16, and you finish at the end of the tax year before you reach state pension age. So if you have a full set upto now you should have 24 or 25 years. you can sign up to view your pension online which is always handy to keep track if dwp are paying your credits it also tell you how much serps and s2p you have built up. https://secure.thepensionservice.gov.uk/statepensionforecast/
  3. chances are you would have been referred by your old advisor sooner or later, Just bite the bullet and get it over with it, Its only four weeks and they will be others there in the same boat. (they also have to be community projects or charity shops). Did mwa last year (did not want too) but was nowhere near as bad as its made out to be. as I said where others their in same boat and never came close to breaking sweat (spent more time in then canteen than working also doing it over xmas the scheme will be closed for part of the time and I think the two part weeks you will do will cou
  4. Tried claiming hardship last year, was told that the limit was 3k in savings to get it.
  5. Does anyone know when they update the system for the qualifying years. noticed my online statment last year was updated sep 3rd last year but has not been updated this year yet. was sanction by jcp but was overturned on appeal late last year so stamp should still have been credited for the four weeks
  6. had two sanctions last year one fro 13 other for 4 weeks both over turned and backdated benefit was in account before i received letter informing of overturn. Second letter arrived over a week after money was in account.
  7. Anyone know what these are all about. I signed on wed saw work coach advisor where i switched the to new work plan booklet, and was made an apportment to see a esf families provision advisor next straight after next signing. Did not sound like anything to worry about but thought i see if any knew what its all about. Thanks
  8. will we still have to sign on during the cwp as we will probably be on the cwp monday to thursday for eight hours with a half hour break so 7.5 X four days = 30 hours the supported job search will probably be on a friday for four hours where the provider could check we have done the ten hours and applied for jobs etc, so thus would give us very little time to get to sign, Also this would be very similar to the old new deal work placement scheme which was for 13 weeks but no signing during that time.
  9. I got sanctioned twice during the last tax year 2013/2014 these sanctions were later overturned will the ni credits which were stopped during the time i was sanctioned untill the sanction was overturned be credited
  10. Finished pwps in December 2013 and was put back on jsa 25+ with normal 2 week signing does anyone know if i will be put on htw or put back on wp in december 2014 have to see advisor next week for first time in about three months
  11. you would just have to pay one weeks class three stamp about £17 to make up the week
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