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  1. I have now had response from the UK court where the Order was granted…standard I guess, the Court does not provide legal advice but the defendant could make application for the Order to be varied or 'set aside'. My frustration with the situation is that on the one hand I feel that the claimant has obtained a CCJ by default knowing full well that I was residing in Aus (in so much as they were corresponding with me at my Aus address), and want to challenge the CCJ, but also feel that advice seems to suggest that it would be unproductive as the debt cannot be pursued in Aus via a UK obtained
  2. Any advice/ opinion?? Had a Possession Order granted in favour of claimant via SS who, presumably presented their claim to County Court with information which suggested Court documents should have been served to my UK address. However, I had not been a UK resident for some time and SS were aware as they were corresponding with me in (abroad). I have contacted the CC in question who confirm my court documents (Sealed Copy?) was sent to my UK address. I never received the documents and so was never aware of my rights etc (as presumably the court papers would also include info about respondi
  3. Good evening, I have recently started reading this thread (and many others) due to an ongoing debt issue from the UK (I'm resident in AUS since 2009). I have become concerned that maybe the process followed by my creditor (via a solicitor) was unfair, and possibly outside the law, in their application for a mortgaged property 'claim for possession' hearing. I will try and save the fine details, but basically I left the UK with an unsold property which was tenanted. The rent covered most of our interest only payment and we made up the shortfall from AUS$ (at extreme expense). Our lend
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