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  1. I see what you mean now, I presumed it was a separate monitor/base machine. Sorry I can't be any help with this, but surely if it's a documented problem with overheating then it's not fit for purpose and should be fully refundable.
  2. You could check that the case fans are blowing outwards, just hold a piece of tissue against the outside Of the case where the fan is and see which direction it moves in. You could also upgrade/fit additional fans, they're only a couple of quid each and a doodle to fit. I wouldn't be too concerned about the fan on the processor, just as lOng as there is a working one. You want the fans on the case to all point outwards, two reasons, firstly it gets the hot air out rather than just forcing cooler air in and secondly it prevents dust being sucked into the case. If you need any help or advice on the fans just give me a shout on here. I normally use either eBay or http://www.ebuyer.com for computer parts. Ian
  3. Are Pizza Hut still allowed to advertise their 1000 free pizzas deal on TV? when viewing their website www.pizzahut.co.uk/e4 it tells me the offer has finished but the adverse are still on TV. According to Wikipedia http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bait-and-switch "In England and Wales it is banned under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. Breaking this law can result in a criminal prosecution, an unlimited fine and two years in jail."
  4. I don't know whether this is the correct forum to post in, but I'll give it a go... I do freelance web/graphic design and I did some work for a client. After sending my invoice to them on the 16th August, they replied on th 19th August asking if I could reduce it as it was quite high. This I did by 30% and sent it the same day. Firstly, should the 30 days payment term run from the initial invoice on the 16th or the revised on the 19th? Secondly as it was a goodwill gesture, and if they are due to pay on the 16th September - which they haven't done - can I revert the invoice back to the original full price one? I'm not worried about them giving me anymore work as I won't be accepting any even if they did offer it. Ta Ian
  5. I work in the ITDept of a travel/car hire broker. I've been there 21 months, but also people who have only just started got the email too. Any ideas what it means?
  6. We all got an email through today stating: Does anyone know what they are on about? There has been alot of politics going about the office today and just wondering if this sounds legit - It doesn't to any of us. Ta, Ian
  7. Sounds like an even better dream job, less responsibilty and same money!
  8. The person who compained is someone in the sales team who asked is what we were laughing at. It went to my boss who complained to the top bosses about it. After I found out it had gone higher, I emailed the woman involved appologising and she replied saying no offend was taken! The whole thing makes me want to find somewhere else to work. Only 4 months till I have my 2 years with them
  9. The person I sent it to has not complained at all. The message was in response to a picture of a chicken and I wrote "You love the C**k" Wasting Company Time is because I showed a colleage, who also got a verbal warning for laughing and joining in with the "sexual harassment" It's a bit of a joke in the office!
  10. An employer is not allowed to give a "bad" reference, but they might not give one at all or write things that on the face of it can sound okay, but other people can read between the lines. For instance, "John Smith worked with us from 3rd September 2008 to 27th February 2009" This would tell me as a future employer of you that they had nothing good to say about you whatsoever. You may be better of not using them as a reference.
  11. Well I had the meeting today and I got a Written Warning with 2 counts on it Sexual harassment to another member of staff. Wasting company time and therefore not being focused on the job/workload. It will be kept on my file for 1 year! I have come up with the following letter of appeal in response. Does something like this sound okay?
  12. I bought a new iPhone from CPW on 14th July '08 and it's been okay apart from a week ago it was stuck in Recovery Mode and wouldn't turn on. I did all the restore stuff and in the end took it to the Apple shop. They said it was water damaged as there is a little marker which had been activated. When I bought the phone there was no seal on the box and it had been activated under someone elses name. I shouldve taken it back then, but I didn't. Does anyone know if Apple can and will officially tell me if someone had activated it before my purchase of it? CPW won't do a thing about it at the moment. Ta Ian
  13. I sent an email to the person I sent it to saying I was sorry and didn't mean offense - I meant to send it to her mobile! Anyway I got a reply from her saying she wasn't offended by it. I spoke to our HR lady and she's my representative in the hearing, she can't beleive the pettiness of it all. Anyway, our boss is now very annoyed that we've discussed this during work time. Surely we're allowed to as it's a work matter.
  14. Hi I sent a text message to a work phone number by mistake instead of someones mobile number and she received it, anyway, one of the bosses found out, I don't know why and now they're holding a Disciplinary Hearing against me for sending it. I was on a tea-break at the time so they can't say I was supposed to be working. It was a bit of rude office banter. I'm not worried about losing my job as I don't think it will go anywhere near that far, just don't want to have a written warning on my record. Any help? Ian
  15. I don't actually understand how a phone that is activated and registered can still be classed as new. Surely, if the seal on the box is broken, let alone being registered under someone else's name, then it's not brand new. It's very easy to just reset the call logs, in fact it's very easy to reset the whole phone, which they hadn't done otherwise it'd have needed reactivating.
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