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  1. Hi DX Have you had a chance to go back over my figures from the other evening? Thanks
  2. Yep, the response I thought I'd get!!! We won't pay you because we're covered by "the scheme". dx - you say above that you've come across people that they've paid... are there any posts on CAG that say Welcome have repaid the medicare and charges after the scheme start date of 2 March 2011? I've been looking but haven't found much. Many thanks
  3. Hi there Hillards As yes, I've had one of those letters before when I tried reclaiming the charges on my accounts. They may be insolvent but it doesn't seem right that they get away with not paying for what they've done to so many of their customers! I don't trust them at all, which is why I've been trying to get some help to work out their compensation calculations. I sent them an email asking why they felt the medicare wasn't mis-sold (they didn't refer to it in their letter). I should expect another letter about "the scheme" then!
  4. In column H - (amount of payments received towards PPI & interest), does this amount actually get included somewhere in their calculations because I can't see it?
  5. I'm also very puzzled why they rejected my charges complaint... I've seen another post on here where WF have paid some of the unfair charges back for dates (around 2008) that aren't far off the dates of my charges.
  6. To be honest, I don't understand any of it. I don't know what interest they use either. Are the figures in column Q on their calculation sheets for the amount I was "under-rebated"? If so, the spreadsheet is about £100 more than what they're offering me.
  7. Do you understand how they work out their calculations... the figure on my spreadsheet is way off what they're offering me and I was wondering if my spreadsheet is wrong or if they've short changed me.
  8. Hi ims I was wondering if you might have some time to take a look at my calculations... Welcome have given me until this Wednesday to reply to their compensation offer. Many thanks
  9. Hi, thanks for coming back to me. The original spreadsheets are on the first page of this thread. But what I did in the end was add the PPI and medicare together and sent that spreadsheet to Welcome, stating that I wanted to reclaim the medicare aswell. I have attached the spreadsheet that I sent them. Thanks
  10. Is there anyone who can help me understand these figures?? Many thanks
  11. The reason I ask is that my spreadsheet calculations are about £700.00 more than what they are offering me - £250.00 of that difference is the Medicare but there's still a large gap. If I add what they have offered me £1779.63 plus the two figures in column Q £121.33 & £342.67 and then add the Medicare of £250.00 that brings the total to around what my spreadsheet tells me, which is about £2500.
  12. I included all insurances in my spreadsheet and even added in my letter that I wanted to reclaim them. I'll have to give them a call tomorrow about that then. I also have a question about their compensation calculations - on the second page of each loan calculation in column 'Q' (value of adjustment to this account or subsequent account) - would that be the amount that I was under rebated on PPI at the end of each loan? Have they added that into the figures on the front page or have they short changed me? I can't really explain it very well because I can't get my head around it.
  13. If FSCS are paying other insurances back on loans after Jan 2005, why aren't Welcome paying them on loans prior to the 2005 FSCS takeover?
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