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  1. Yeah they work and not sure will have to ask and she's had dates I don't think nothing serious though again will ask. Thanks a lot by the way, you've helped a lot.
  2. Apparently alpo and it means something? Even though people say they're married to people when they're not...I can't imagine that really being used as evidence
  3. I have my own room I do buy my own food (should I keep receipts?) we don't have joint bank accounts or a car and I had to be on the tennancy agreement or I would be living here illegally? No kids and friends would see us as friends, not sure about neighbours never really spoke to them.
  4. And I think she will make a statement...coz it's not her fault that's why I've told her to kick me out. They said about the comment and that she pays all bills and stuff like that....so I dunno what they have. I phoned a solicitor and they said to get back in touch with them when the J.c has made a decision.
  5. Is honestly don't know I'm just so worried
  6. And now an worried that she'll get into trouble for helping a friend
  7. That's the problem I don't pay for anything I just give her money
  8. They think we're living as a couple...so I've been getting too much money because I've not declared it
  9. Also how will it affect my friend....I've already told her to kick me out. I don't want her getting into trouble aswell?
  10. I really need help I feel so lost
  11. no they said nothing about how much overpayment, and not sure they said they'll have to do more invetigating. they saw something on facebook about a relationship about 4 years ago. the main thing i'm worried about is going to court i'd rather just pay them back than go to court i already find it hard to find a job...with a criminal record i feel it would be next to impossible
  12. thanks, and yes i have been to the interview stupidly i didnt get legal help to begin with
  13. hi im new here and really worried, i was invited to an interview under caution for benefit fraud, i am just claiming job seekers. i live with a friend but they dont believe me. my main worry is that it will go to court and i will be sent to prison and have a criminal record, i dont work and that is what the job seeker money is used for. if i get a criminal record it would make it a lot harder to get a job. what do i do? do i admit it even though its not true or....any help? lol
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