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  1. Hello dx, "they are not harming you." Fair do's. Though their release didn't really help me either. Where I am now is squeezing down the rabbit hole to look beyond the initial CCA side of things to question whether documents like these aid in a debt becoming enforceable or not? As they are certainly not an exact copy of the original executed agreement, my answer would currently be 'nope'. Would your answer be the same?
  2. To admin - as the attached scans haven't been referred to since being uploaded, I respectfully ask that they be removed from the thread (it appears I cannot do so myself?). Many thanks.
  3. The pigeon should be delivering them right about now. Must not have attached correctly the first time. Sorry!
  4. Thanks to all for current input. dx: attachment added... pdf of a cca from 93, one from 94, plus a reconstituted agreement. Naturally, in any "official use only" boxes, their is no official use. So i'll assume that makes these unofficial?!
  5. Hello dx, "they need YOUR SIGNED agreement." Just to clarify, what i've been sent are reconstituted agreements, but also printouts of microfiched copies (or seemingly so) of the original signed agreements (the copies supposedly signed by me only, not the original creditor). Now, does that lend itself more to "they haven't actually got the originals, and that's the best they can do" or are those copies enough in themselves? (Bearing in mind that they are fairly low res and could in theory be be doctored, as opposed to having originals). fkofilee (thanks for
  6. Hello there, Earlier this year I made a CCA request (about 6 weeks before deferment was due) regarding loans after their sale from SLC to erudio. Over six months later some relevent documents have finally been sent (copies from microfiche plus reconstituted agreements - albeit with daft spelling errors!). Next step is to provide deferment information based on the original agreement (in other words not via signing their form). So, can you give me any advice on the following: 1) At the time the CCA should have been complied with (12+2) I had over a month to
  7. Hello all, Sent separate CCA requests (recorded delivery, have sigs) for separate pre-1998 loans bought by Erudio, and no response in the 12+2. Haven't yet deferred, though will easily qualify, but the deferral period is up in next few days. Having read through all the recent related threads, I'm still not 100% sure on what's best to do (or not) next: Do I... 1) Wait until they contact me [in writing] - whether that be to respond to the CCA requests, or to tell me I am not deferred and need to start paying - and then take it from there? 2) Send in the def
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