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  1. They have never made an issue of it before, others have been on AL when training is required for a few hours, and not attended. Now they seem to be making a point of adding it to the notices now, highlighting it too with a highlighter pen. My house is all up at the moment, we are decorating, so god knows where my contract is at the moment, I shall see if a workmate can show us theirs.
  2. You know when you are on your annual leave, booked a few months in advance and you have made arrangements to go somewhere, you know, book a coach trip for a day out and all that. Then a week before you are due your annual leave work puts a notice up stating there is compulsary training to be attended for one day while on AL, do you have to attend. I was on AL last week, and a week before I went off a notice for CT was put up. Well me and the mother had made arrangements to visit family in Wales all the week, so I wrote a note for the manager stating I would not be able to attend, as prior arrangements had been made. When I got back to work, she was not very happy, now I have noticed on a notice for new training for a few weeks time, it states "all must attend, even when on annual leave". This has never been stated on notices before. I thought my annual leave was my own to do with as I want, I will gladly go on training any other time of the year. But we always go somewhere when I am on AL, we NEVER stay in town, we either visit family or book trips/ short breaks to go on, and do not see why I must forsake these trips just 2 attend a 2 hour training course in my AL week. Are they allowed to do this, even when things are arranged months/weeks before any notices go up. So, say I book my AL and book an actual holiday, months in advance, all paid up for etc. Then months down the line, work decides to put a notice up for CT for the week I am on AL and on this supposed holiday. Would I have to cancel my holiday, who will pay for the loss of deposit/ full payments etc and all that?
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