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  1. Dear Caggers, My friend has been claiming ESA (support group) and DLA for a few years now, after a severe stroke...... He lives with his mother (who is a pensioner) and cares for him. They had a random visit from a "multi benefit review officer" with no prior arrangement, however, my friends mother refused entry and they have to telephone to arrange a re-visit with both my friend and his mother in attendance. Obviously, to have an unannounced visit causes great anxiety. Could anyone clarify what this is for? Is it to do with ATOS medicals? My friend has
  2. I have sent all creditors letters to reuest if they will wipe my debt due to ill health https://www.nationaldebtline.org/EW/sampleletters/sole-letters/Pages/Write-off-the-debt-(sole-name).aspx I have received a reply from a few (one being capquest) asking me to send it a medical letter from my GP to verify my illnesses etc, is this normal to send such confidential information to them?
  3. Thank you so much for the clarification, I was just very confused in what order steps are carried out to recover specific debts, that's been a great help and thanks again
  4. I wondered if I could get some advice/clarification. I have numerous debts: Credit cards-I currently pay token payments to Mortgage shortfall from repossessed property-no court judgement (I plan to challenge the amount they say I owe) , just repetitive letters requesting £65k Past utility debts-no repayment plan set yet My situation: I am in receipt of ESA and DLA, both mobility/care components (classed as vulnerable?) I do not own any assets accept a car worth £2500 (jointly owned, I am owner on the log book, as it was cheaper to insur
  5. I did sign it and yes I have moved several times since the original debt was taken out
  6. Tesco have written back (the SAR template on here not suffice) and want me to send a "letter of authority" with my signture, is this normal? Also, mail order (shop direct) wrote that i must complete a "data protection act 1998" form, is this ok to complete?
  7. Ok, thank you. I will do this next week and revert back on here with all info....
  8. Thank you, yes, i was thinking to try & get some wiped atleast before i make the harsh decision of BR. Maybe i am avoiding the inevitable and shying away by trying this current route.
  9. I am writing the CCA requests tonight, can I also write the SAR requests to the original debt owners? (Or shall I wait for the CCA requests to come back?)
  10. S78 is what I thought but am uncertain......I am unable to afford the BR fee as I am on ESA and DLA. I am probally grasping at straws with this route I am about to encounter, in a hope that some debts get wiped.
  11. for ref: Fixed loans are section 77 credit cards are section 78 HP agreements are section 79 delete to which is appropriate Which one would I use in a CCA request letter for the mail order debts and EE (mobile) please?
  12. With regards to mail order (very and isme) debt, this has been passed to "shop direct finance company ltd", before I write a letter to offer a token payment, should I send a CCA request to them too?
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