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  1. Thanks rebel11, I now realise how incredibly easy it is for the fake companies of this type to operate their business on internet. They do not have a single postal address on their website, and never respond to phone calls or emails. After trawling through their website for an hour I finally had to go to company registrars webpage to find the actual registration address of the parent company. Have drafted a letter and will send tomorrow by recorded delivery.
  2. 4 weeks ago, I sent my Samsung s2 phone in excellent condition to this company following an online quotation of £67. There was no response as promised within 3 days of them receiving the phone. Then got a response 10 days later that my phone had "backside wear" and offered reduced price of £45. I refused as the phone was in pristine condition and asked them to send the phone back. I was even willing to pay the admin fee of £5 for returning the handset. In the meantime I tried calling them numerous times but never managed to get through!! Then I received the following email from one sally increasing the offer to £55. I again refused to support such unethical business practice and asked them to either pay in full as quoted or return my phone. It is nearly 2 weeks since I wrote to them about possible legal action and have sent 3 follow up mails since then without any response. Quick search on the net revealed many others had same problems. https://www.trustpilot.co.uk/review/igadgetsrecycled.co.uk. I now want to take them to small claims court and would greatly appreciate help from experienced members of this forum in this respect. Can the email I sent 11 days ago regarding possible legal action be regarded as letter of intent or do I need to send another, more formal email? Thanks in anticipation of help, Praveen
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