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  1. Cheers Sorry for all the questions all the time, but i got the impression Link wouldn't lift the restriction or advise the Land Registry, which would stop any equity transfer for a re-mortgage
  2. right, im getting it i think... so this restriction that sits there could have an impact if going down the re-mortgage route? Thanks again
  3. I sent a courtesy email to Link about this and the reply i got:- We write with reference to your recent email. Unfortunately we do not have a copy of your Credit Agreement on file but we can confirm the account relates to a Personal Loan with Northern Rock on 04/07/2001. The balance outstanding is #6,779.77 and is secured by way of a Restriction dated 20/10/2006. We trust this to be of assistance.
  4. A very informative post, thanks again. I can send details to Link asking for information on this and ask them to remove the restriction?
  5. Yeah, i just didnt want to pay it if i didnt have to, as ive been caught out a fe times in the past before i discovered helpful sites like this.
  6. Thanks for the reply and advice. Would this not hold up the sale though?
  7. Yeah, this letter was issued as i was chasing Solex as all they could tell me was there a restriction on the property and that was it. After weeks of chasing they said it was Northern Rock, NRAM, Marlin and finally Link who had it. They only send this letter over this week. The change of heart was due to the fact a buyer had came in and viewed and wanted to buy pretty much straight away and i was giving up hope of selling, so just went down the re-mortgage route to do the house up and stop there.
  8. Sorry, no Solex were Halifax who were going to provide the re-mortgage
  9. Yes, looking to sell the house Agreed selling price with the buyer, and they have a solictor, but they havent once mentioned the the restriction as it has only came out once the re-mortgage query was raised before the selling issue came about
  10. Hi Thanks for the reply. I think the restriction came about once the wife made an enquirer to re-mortgage, so no solicitors have made any direct enquiry about it. Regarding the restriction i know i had a CCJ from around that time and it was my name only on that. Regards, Michael
  11. to be honest, i dont think they want it removing as i just think Solex were informed there was a restriction on the property and basically just put the brakes on things moving until they heard from Link
  12. Hi No this was from Solex Legal Services, who were dealing with all stuff for me. I just didnt have a clue what they could and could not do
  13. Thanks for that, i just wasn't sure regarding the original date of 2006, whether they could enforce this still, but looks like they can. again, thanks for your advice
  14. Hello Hope this is in the right place. Attached is the letter i have received as i have had a maor stumbling blovk with selling the house as they wont complete whilst this is still on? Is it too late for them to enforce the charging restriction being from 2006 or am i liable to pay this form the profits from the sale if i agree? Thanks in advance Michael
  15. Thanks Obviously i have gone about this the wrong way. I will send a letter CPR request for documents to the claimant. I can send as much info as possible to the court. claim was dated at beginning of May
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