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  1. Thank you very much. One question though, I've seen on this website many people believe that nothing will happen if you don't pay either, what's your opinion?
  2. the other day I was at sainsburys with my friend and she had popped a bottle into her bag and I walked out with her bag.. . The security guards asked us to follow them to the back of the store and so we did so, police weren't called, we said our sorry's as it was a one time thing and we expressed how much we regretted making that stupid decision. they then told us that we would have to pay an amount of £150 for wasting their time and I just really want to know how this whole civil recovery thing works. Will it come up in a future CRB? They also took a copy of our ID and said how they were going to add it to the database... what database? who will have access too my details? They also said we have a life long ban from all sainsbury's in the country; if I appealed for this to be revoked what would the process consist off? We know that it was wrong on our behalf, even though I only walked out with her bag, which is what got me into trouble, I still know and acknowledge that it was wrong. If anyone can help me and explain this to me in a way that I could understand please leave a comment. Thank you in advance.
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