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  1. No I moved in nov 2012. What I don't get is why I heard nothing from computeach for nearly 2 years while I was at the old address. The only info they had was my mobile number and regal started contacting me a couple of months ago. I do hope it turns out to be hot air david
  2. i checked my credit file now and it seems it is clear and doesnt have this case listed anywhere. Should i really ignore it? If i do what should i look out for next and when i should i not ignore it? sorry for all the questions, im a real noob at this sort of thing.
  3. At last it seems i have managed to upload a pdf with the last letter i have received from them. Hopefully this will now fill in some gaps that were missing
  4. Damn the image is too low res. any suggestions on how to display the image better. I can't add links yet it seems
  5. I'm not sure if it's on the credit file. How would I find that out? I have attached a pic of the last letter I received. I'm really very ignorant to all this and I still don't know what I signed up for and exactly when. I read some of the other posts from the past and noticed they are similar but most seem to mention Barclays as a loan provider and the amounts all seem to be bigger, not that this matters I suppose. If my next step is to check on my credit file then can you let me know the link. Other wise can you let me know what I should do next? Thx [ATTACH=CONFIG]51264[
  6. Thanks for your advice so far guys it gives me more confidence and reduces the worry. At this stage I'm doing a lot by memory of what the debt is about. I started an IT course with a company called computeach back in the beginning of 2011. I can't remember how much the payments were or the monthly amount I was paying for it. I stopped the payments approx 3/4 months in due to loss of employment. I informed them of my situation and that was that really. I never heard from them again because apart from a couple of books sent to me, there was no other use fro
  7. I was hoping for some advice regarding a txt msg I got (see below) which when read got me very concerned. I rang the number and they said they were from regal credit. They took some details from me and then told me I owed money to one of their clients. I was angry with them about the way the tactics used to get hold of me. I didn't know anything about this until the txt msg came through. Because I gave them my details I now have a letter from them stating that they "recommend to their client that legal action is commenced in 7 days. Can I get some advice
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