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  1. Sadly I don't have the letters any more. After she passed and I called to tell them and the pension office that she had passed away I didn't keep the letters. I didn't actually remember that letter until I thought about what rate she was on. What a bloody idiot for not keeping them.
  2. She was on middle rate. When she was diagnosed with cancer she was reassessed and the letter saying she's been upped to high rate arrived a few weeks before she died. Actually. You've just reminded me about that letter. It actually in the letter stated the higher rate DLA would start after her release from hospital. So they must have known she was in hospital. I think it actually stated her DLA had stopped too. In the letter asking for repayment they state they didn't know she was in hospital.
  3. Thanks. Yes. It was my home, I was my mums carer. I have no plans to sell. I have ready sent back the form stating all that was left. They ask about insurance policy's etc. All I can do is wait to hear back. Thanks for the advice everyone. I appreciate it.
  4. Finally got a letter of FRS. Have sent the template letter from StepChange off. Have also kept a record of when they've called and told them if they call again I will be making a complaint. Thanks to everyone for the advice.
  5. She was in hospital from Mid/end July 2012 till 1st December when she passed. Minus two weeks in October when she was home. I don't know the exact date she was taken in to hospital.
  6. My Aunty isn't interested. I've seen her once since my mum passed. When we went to the probate office and that was only because I couldn't fill the forms in myself, not being the named executor. Whenever she's received a letter about my mums estate she's just replied saying I'm dealing with it and given them my details. She also doesn't have the internet. Plus she's a pensioner and not in the best of health herself. So doesn't need the stress. £800 is a massive amount to me.
  7. I closed all my mums accounts etc. there was just under £300 in her Barclays account. And £40 in her post office account. Plus an insurance policy for £3000. That's it. Funeral was £3119. The rest was used for flowers for the funeral and food at the wake. There were no other assets or money to distribute. Just the house. Which was left to me. Probable came through a few months back but I haven't been to the land registry to change the name yet as I don't have the cash for the fees yet.
  8. StepChange have given me a template to offer Argos £1. So no room to offer less. My mums will was made in the 80's when I was a child. Hence my Aunty being the executor. But I've actually dealt with everything besides filling in the probate forms which she had to do because she's the named executor. I don't have anyone I can borrow money off. I honestly don't know how I'm supposed to cope with this. I have less than £30 a month for food as it is. I never realised how expensive dying is in this country. Thanks to everyone for the replies. I appreciate it.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Will read the link. She was taken into hospital early July 2012. She was in until October at which point she was home for two weeks, then was taken back in end of October and passed away 1st December 2012 in hospital. They said they received a call telling them she was in hospital on November 23rd. Obviously wouldn't tell me who called. I now realise I should have called and told them she was in hospital. I didn't know that at the time. So I don't dispute she received benefits she shouldn't have. But I've no idea how I'm supposed to pay it back.
  10. I lost my mum in Dec 2012. Few weeks back my Aunty (the executor of my mums will) received a letter from the DWP saying they wanted £800 for benefits my mum wasn't entitled too. She replied saying I was dealing with my mums estate. So now I've received the same letter. She was in receipt of DLA. Nobody's called to tell them she was in hospital. She didn't. What with being otherwise occupied by dying of cancer. And I didn't. I honestly didn't know DLA should stop when you're in hospital. Now they want £800 back. They've sent a form for me to fill in saying what my mum had cash
  11. I've asked several times for communication to be letter only. They have ignored me. And continue to call. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do now. I need to sort a payment plan but obviously they can say what they like over the phone and with no letters I have no proof of anything. I can't ignore the debt.
  12. Well. I've not received any letters from FRS. Called back and they kept saying they could tell me everything over the phone and don't need to send letters.
  13. I'll call back tomorrow and ask who is dealing with my care and address it to them.
  14. Thanks. Yeah I've already got the template from stepchange asking them to stop interest etc. They've given me their address so I'll send that off tomorrow.
  15. I've no idea to be honest. When I spoke to Argos today they said I now have to deal with FRS. I do believe FRS are Argos in house DCA if that makes a difference? It was FRS that said there is a charge added to my account every time they send me a letter.
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