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  1. My months notice is paid in lieu, is there a way I can ask to take this as severance to avoid the tax?
  2. Thanks Eric. Do you think I am entitled to ask for a severance payment to be included in any package? After all I have done what was requested of me, most of the time to a "perfect degree" where scoring is considered reference to the tenders I worked on. The frustrating thing is that the main business activities relay on finding and renewing tender efforts to keep it a float. Even after a settlement, can I dispute a payment if its too low based on my gross contributions to the business?
  3. Hi guys, I will keep this as brief as I can but presenting the facts. My boss (MD) give me an "off the record" talk to say he was making me redundant, the grounds of which are nothing to do with my performance but rather that he is wanting to take the business in a different direction. I've been working there as a permanent full-time employee for 16 months. in Northern Ireland Approx 50% of my job is identifying and completing tenders, while the remaining share is focused on raising purchase orders, general admin and telephone etc. The unusual thing is that these responsibilities will exist even after I'm made redundant but apparently to a lesser degree. The MD also claims that some other staff, "low level" staff such as factory operatives are being made redundant too although I do not subscribe to that claim. My question is this, given my length of service and the fact that the job I'm fulfilling will still be required, even at a reduced capacity, should he not offer me a salary adjustment rather than all out redundancy? Please also advise that correct procedure he must follow and what pay I am entitled to ask for? I understand I'm entitled to at least 1 week pay under 2 years, although my contract is vague but suggest one month notice. I also have 14 days holiday pay, I suspect this will be included too.
  4. Thanks. The thing is I rather like the job I am "contracted" to do, whereas the additional responsibilities were forced on me, I was'nt asked but told. So far as I understand there is no documented evidence of me accepting the new responsibilities, I guess it was "landed on my desk". I did however verbally agree that the additional responsibility was fine on the condition that tenders remained my primary focus. The MD agreed that they should be however I cannot mentally give the same focus on raising sales orders etc after I have been scrutinising mediums for contracts and spending days completing these. It is a little like asking a striker in football to play goal keeper, yes he can do it but its not what he is capable of doing. Any further advice is greatly welcome, but I feel the important thing to gather from all this is the lack of documentation suggesting that the new additional role is one I am doing. If the worst came to it, will a court simply acknowledge the employers "word" as that is all it's been so far.
  5. Hi guys hopefully you can help me, briefly and to the point I'm having some concerns at work. My main concern is that I'm doing a role which is additional to the one I am contracted to do. I'm contracted to improve business development chiefly through tendering, of which I'm achieving and there is documented evidence of. However, my MD has since delegated another role/responsibility which was previously another colleagues role/responsibility but he has said that my performance in this area is not good. This is fine, everybody makes mistakes, but what he doesn't appreciate is that my main role takes a considerable amount of time and paying the same focus/attention to the new role/responsibility can be difficult. With this in mind, he give me a telling off which I feel is his version of a formal verbal warning, but I received no written confirmation advising of that this was the case and no one else was present. So the questions I would welcome answers to are: Can the "telling off" be considered a formal verbal warning and does a witness need to be present? Can I be dismissed on grounds of performance/capability for a role/responsibility I'm not meant to be doing (I've documented confirmation of this from a Director's email outlining individual staff roles/responsibilities) ? Lastly and perhaps irreverent, my contract of employment/payslips is with a separate company within the group, of which the work I do is a different company within the same group. Is my employer breaching my contract or if worst came to the worst, could I argue this point? All answers/feelings on this would be much appreciated. Ohh I have been employed for 16 months now.
  6. Thanks regarding the possibility of a breach of contract claim. Do you think I have a strong case, should this be the resultant action of my failure to achieve these unrealistic targets? Another question I have is this. Does my employer have to pay me for any unused holiday entitlements, should I be dismissed and or a compensation packing, perhaps a weeks wages or something?
  7. I signed a contract outlining my obligations and his, of which must have some bearing on the law and indeed real life expectations. The law must favor me somehow, I am no expert which is why I am here so any assistance regarding the strength of any dismissal case I have is greatly appreciated.
  8. I enjoy targets, the ones I set were SMART. However I suggested that in order to achieve even my targets, which are modest compared to his, that I require face to face contact. The targets set now I deem as not being SMART, certainly if I am the only one tasked with this. The bottom line is, the boss feels that he should be making 2-3 times my salary, which is somewhat fair, but relativity is a balancing element too. Yes these figures are fine, if indeed they have proven to be achieved or close in the past and I have more than one person assisting me. Neither of these are true, to knowledge and whilst I will try and achieve these, I am a realistic but opportunistic person and I think it is not do-able on current resources and position. If I were to be dimissed on grounds on capability and what I have outlined, do I have a strong position? Everything I know about "reason" suggests these targets are unreasonable. Due to the fact also, that I have received no formal training for this role, due to the fact that it was "created" for me.
  9. As far as I am aware, I am a one man army regarding sales and marketing. He states that certain portions of the business are due to see 20% growth. I am not entirely sure where the data is sourced but we have no one bar myself, assessing these things. I have forecasted conservative growth by 2.5-7.5%, which I think will happen with or without me. However a +300% increase on 2013-14 is bizarre and whilst it is not impossible, it is important to consider the position now and in the past.
  10. washing your face? Well I have took a 5k reduction on my last salary less commission too in order to take this job, not due to the money but for a diff challenge. Boss did say that he wants to make 3 times what my salary is. The figures sought, are in part achievable but only through a consistent sales growth plan and certainly can not be done at a 10k per month rate. I am good at what I do but to me this is not realistic in the time frame, and I guess I fear that it will provide grounds for dismissing me on capability. This is fine but do you not have to prove that another employee was able to do the same task, perhaps at a relative rate i.e to their salary too?
  11. Selling washroom products. In 2012-13, company made 70. In 2013-14, company made loss to 48 In 2014-15, company wants to make 160 To me this is entirely unreasonable based on past performance.
  12. Hi guys, i'll cut straight to the chase. I was recently applied for a Sales Executive role, however due to my experience and skill base, this job was not suitable for me and the company "created" another role; Business Development Executive. I have been employed for 2 months now and done alot within my first 2 months, such as help creating a new website, positioning brand, improving brand awareness etc. All good, however I suggested that we should begin setting targets to help increase our market share. This is fine, Boss asks me to draw a report together indicating our current sales and where we can go from here. The sales indicates that in the area he wants me to focus, they are only £48k 2013-14. So I suggested an increase of 25% due to my efforts and another 5% increase due to probable market dynamics. However boss basically wants me to make 10k a month or 120k in a year on prior sales, which is a 3.5 fold increase. Do you consider this unreasonable because I do, and I fear that although it is possible it is hugely difficult given current share of the market and prior sales. For this reason I fear dismissal as the boss is asking me what sales ive made this week etc hoping that I am going to say its 2.5k this week.
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