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  1. just rang and as i pleaded guilty with mitigating circumstances it is: £200 fine £60 court charge £20 for something else i missed £11.40 for the fare well done SWT !
  2. thanks! i still have not heard from the court... is this normal? it was not in today's post either. Can i ring up the court to find out? Thanks adnan
  3. thanks stigy, it said on the plea for me to fill in a means form but actually there was no form in the bunch of letters they sent me. I did write in my letter to the court that i am in real bad debt and am currently in a Debt Management Plan which sadly has 17 years to run ... i'm not sure if they will have any consideration, but in any case i won't be able to pay the fine if it is too high, it will just have to get added onto my debt plan i guess? i'm guessing it will be atleast £500 for a £3.70 fare (great justice system we have!)... who would i contact to discuss this once i find out
  4. no worries, thanks for the reply... i pleaded guilty with mitigating circumstances, having re-read the statements the actual fare due was £3.70 as i was only in first class for one stop (confirmed in the witness statement) All this hassle for less than £4! how long do i have to wait to get the verdict from court? i presume they will send me a letter to my home address?
  5. thanks again rebel, looks like i should have done the doc note before ! but now my court case is less than 5 days away and they are refusing to speak to me even if i call them. what do you suggest given the circumstances now?
  6. yes i am in the process of getting the doctors letter, but the court case is early next week so i need to quickly decide how i will proceed. i did not mention that i cannot attend court in my letter. i really appreciate everyone's help here. i'm hoping the court will look favourably on my case as i have offered to pay 4 times now.
  7. i did indeed and offered up a note from the doctor as proof. But they came back to say due to the high level of passengers using first class services it is in the public interest to pursue this case to court. I have called the prosecution center offering payment and an out of court settlement for the fourth time, but they are unwilling to even discuss it! shocking! All over a £11 ticket they are taking me to court with the only charge being byelaw 19! After initially disagreeing with the RPO (i remained polite throughout as noted in the witness statement) i did on the day of
  8. thanks rebel! I sent a very friendly letter offering to make payment plus admin costs along with an explanation of the detrimental effects on my career that a court case would have... but they are having none of it... court case set for next week... any advice?
  9. Thanks old-codJA... there wasn't anything more to the interaction, the revenue protection officer were very scruffy thug-looking individuals and i just felt very intimidated by the whole scenario, i added further explanation in my previous post. That is useful information about it not resulting in a conviction for a recordable offence, i guess i have nothing to lose.
  10. Hi all, first post here but i was looking for some expert advice please. A few months ago i was traveling with a standard ticket on a packed South West Trains (SWT), i managed to squeeze on to the overcrowded train and was jammed in the vesting area between first and standard class. I had recently had surgery on my knee and it had been it was in the first few days after i was off crutches. It was extremely difficult and uncomfortable to stand for a long period of time in a packed vesting area. After waiting 15 minutes in extreme discomfort the next stop arrived and some further pas
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