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  1. The dvla take ten days to reply and won't over the phone as I've now sold the vehicle...... I did get documents at my new address as I have taxed it since we have been here.....
  2. Hilarious...u obviously didn't read the but where I said I had as I've managed to tax my vehicle since so thank u for such constructive help
  3. Can someone give me some advice... I've just discovered I've been fined for not notifying dvla for change of ownership ...I found out from a newspaper article naming and shaming me. .. This was dated 7th oct 2013 in my married name and previous address. Now I changed my name by deed poll and moved by nov 2012. . Removal company lost a lot of paperwork but I did eventually find the v5 and sent it in, I must of done because I taxed my car at my new address,.. .my partner part exchanged the car on 21 nov 2013 over a month after the dvla summons me... I'm
  4. I found out today by finding it in the local press that I've been taken to court over not notifying the dvla for change of ownership... This was on 12/5/14 ..but this was in my old married name (changed by deed poll in nov/11) and to my old address which I moved from in nov/12... I've sold all vehicles in my name by part exchange to reputable main dealers.... I don't know what's going on but am extremely upset that the local press and the court have demeaned my good character...anyone got any ideas?
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