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  1. I believe it is different if it relates to a company? its an injunction as opposed to set a side?
  2. There is currently an appeal ongoing to set aside the Judgment in question. Regardless of the appeal, I understand they can still take enforcement steps in the meantime as the Judgment has not yet been stayed by the Court. We just don't know how to go about the injunction.
  3. Hello, I hope someone can help me. My Partners company has had a statutory demand issued against it. We want to apply for an injunction restraining them from presenting a winding up order but do not know how to go about this/ what forms are needed. There is a lot of advice on the net for individuals but not for companies and the process is different. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Hello, My Partner has had a statutory demand served against his company. The Judgment to which the statutory demand relates to is currently being appealed. The Appeal hearing is not until 8th July though and we have until Monday 3rd June to put a stop to the statutory Demand. It should be noted that we did actually request in the appeal that there be a stay of execution on the Judgment, however we have nothing formal from the Court yet in this regard because the hearing is not until July. The help I need though is confirmation of the correct form to use to se
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