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  1. Lee, I have sent a recorded letter addressed to CEO Jeroen Hoencamp today. Regards Karlene
  2. What a joke! Still not received anything! I contacted the CEO this morning with copies of all corespondence
  3. Hi Lee, I sent you an email last week requesting letter of deadlock and I have heard nothing from you or anyone else from Vodafone. I will be posting another recorded letter on Monday requesting the deadlock in writing. Regards Karlene
  4. Hi all, Update to everything that has been going on: Lee rang 4/6 to give me my options of resolving this :/ As discussed, we're able to arrange for your Sony Xperia Z1 to be sent away for repair. Providing the problem with your phone is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, the repair will be free of charge. Alternatively, we'd be able to replace your phone with a different model of similar value to the Sony Xperia Z1, if you agreed to start your 24 month upgrade again from the date the phone was ordered. The replacement options would be HTC One, HTC One mini 2 Grey and
  5. Hi Lee, Any chance you can send that email through please. Kind regards Karlene
  6. Hi Lee, Please could you email me with a summary of our conversation just now so I have the breakdown of the 2 options you have offered me. Thank you
  7. Hi all, A brief update. Lee rang today as I sent an email to say I would consider a newer phone, and stay in the contract. From the conversation we had i get the impression that I may have the option of getting the very dodgy Xperia Z fixed (again) or I request to be released. I made it quite clear after the first time it was fixed that I did not wish to have this phone again for obvious reasons. I really can't comprehend why VF would not have offered this to keep me as a continuous loyal customer. Then again, what have they got to lose with myself. There are lots of customers o
  8. Hi Lee, I sent you an email today. I have sent you an email this morning in regards to an alternative to being released from contract. Thank you Karlene
  9. Hi guys, Just spoke to Lee and have to say he is possibly the nicest person I have ever spoken to from Vodafone. There were no promises made, no actual results to share. However, they are reviewing my case and Lee asked if I would like a replacement phone or would I be wanting to be released from the contract. Unfortunately, I said I would like to be released, which believe it or not is a shame that I have to now go elsewhere as I have been with them for years. I think Lee is going to get back in touch so I shall see what happens and let you all know
  10. Thank everyone I have sent my letter off recorded delivery today and have been in correspondence with Watchdog. I think enough is enough now! I will update you all. Lee, Sorry, I missed your call. I am available to speak now. Thank you Karlene
  11. Thank you, I watched it. In fact, they used my photos of my cracked screen in the show. Today, VF have told me that I need to go to Sony and Sony have told me I need to go to VF as I purchased the phone as part of the contract. This is stressing me out. I have been so loyal to VF for 10 years
  12. Thank you. Reference number (i presume from subject line) #7039406
  13. Thank you for your reply. I have contacted them today via the online chat and they said they would fix the phone but did not say if they would do it for free when I asked. I informed them that I iwll be sending my letter and if not resolved after I will be contacting the ombudsman. I have tried your link but it doesnt take me to an email address? Just to their numbers
  14. Please please can someone advise me. Vodafone have told me today that they will fix the phone...again! they did not say if they would do it for free. They also told me my issue is with Sony. I do not understand as I hold the contract with VF and they sold me the phone. I do not want anything to do with VF again or neither do I want the same mobile phone repaired and sent back to me. I have been with them 10 years and I feel gutted that they are treating me like this.
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