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  1. Sorry its 90p per £100 cash deposited which is £162 per week in charges or £8424 per year ! I am looking around. I may not have made it clear on the OD we only use it every now and then,we haven't used it for instance since Christmas and the last time we went slightly over was last August but we always pulled it back in a day or two anyway.
  2. Hi everyone I am a new member and also a Barclays customer. I have been with Barclays for 17 years but god only knows why ! I have several loans which were all repaid on time in full and also had an overdraft. Over the last 3-4 years in particular they have been very quick to return any dds unpaid if we have crept over our agreed overdraft. I don't mean by thousands or even hundreds,they have returned dds for very small amounts like £45 for us being £25 overdrawn ! We bank a lot of cash with them,approx £18k per week. They are now looking to charge us £9 for every £100 we bank which works out at £162 per week just to count our cash ! So we are looking to move banks. The local manager told us it was non negotiable. They obviously don't want the cash. I would like to point out the account is in very good order but as I said very occasionally we have gone slightly over our OD. before I leave I want to make sure we haven't been charged for anything unfairly. The manager told me to put it in writing but I want to make sure I word it correctly so any advice anyone has would be most welcome. Regards,and thanks for reading this.
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