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  1. Guess that makes us the lucky ones! Funny I omitted the words "Greed" from my original reply hey ho! Sure he'll sleep well on his retirement fund! A Holes in every walk of life or profession. Something to tell the grandkiddies and be proud!
  2. Thanks Pete. think they call it preying on fear of the innocent! happy to see we both won this chicken race I am sure this sort of behaviour and lack of professionalism is costing them! Guess the lack of resources must reflect the fact they clearly have bit off more than they can chew! Good news for you too. well done Regards HV
  3. ps the abbreviation should read H.V.M. not H.V. and love the profile pic! We will remember them. Best Regards
  4. Yes I will be calling to confirm with the court tomorrow! Many thanks
  5. Hi Andy i have received a letter today from Bryan Carter stating please find enclosed by way of service A notice of Discontinuance of this case! Which I am assuming is the end of this matter! Cant thank you enough for the advise - takes a big weight off my mind especially for a debt I disputed from the out start. I will be making a further donation to the site albeit a small one I am afraid at the end of the week. Thank you again for your assistance and your constant prompt responses. I assume I don't need to do any thing more?
  6. Great thanks Andy, ill crack on with it tomorrow and post the draft as the saying goes i will do all i can and by doing that "hope for the best, prepare for the worst"
  7. It is all seeming like a matter of process! a lot of process! I best get typing when little man gets to noddyland tomorrow night! ok so can I please confirm i need to send a witness statement and what else? I really want to get this right, this is all a bit daunting but I will put in the time and effort if there is any chance here. I dont want the stress uneccessarily if it is to be a wasted effort, life is challenging enough right now and I certainly would not want that stress to filter to my wee man in any form. I also have concerns how a possible CCJ can affect building a future for my son and I, and maybe i would benefit more from an agreement plan with them. That said if there is any chance of winning I would certainly want to take that opportunity, I dont like being harassed! I appreciate you deal with a lot of similar enquiries and I cannot thank you enough for the advice, it is impossible to get an appointment at the CAB and I have restricted time capacity with work and a little one., a rather demanding little one at that
  8. ok not really up on all this jargon! this is a first for me! i shall search under that! Well given i was under the understanding mediation was taking place and was not notified of this failure - occuring due to the claimants lack of resource surely it would be acceptable for me to note that in my paperwork! given it is encouraged to accept mediation! ??otherwise surely this is a system failure and contradiction of procedure.
  9. I have been searching on here all night! Whats WS stage? I was intending to ring the court and explain why my documents have been delayed and inform them they would be posted out? whats the best wording to search for the similar threads - there seem to be a lot to wade through on here - many thanks
  10. I will phone the court tomorrow and send it over the weekend - any advise on the best way to do it or links to assist ?
  11. ps the orginal mediation appointment was cancelled due to bryan carter not having sufficient staffing on the date it was made - not sure if this goes in my favour in anyway whatsoever? this was stated to me on an answer machine message but not in the email that was sent by mediation, although I have the guys name who called.
  12. Hi Andy I have still not had definite confirmation that the mediation will not proceed but will attempt to call them tomorrow on my day off! however having spoken to the lady at mediation earlier this week who was trying to get an alternative appointment she said if she did not come back after a few days assume it would go to court! Now my notice of allocation requires the witness statement etc to go to them and the claimant by the 27th October - this date has passed and i have only now just been told that mediation is unlikely to proceed, thereby meaning i have missed the date, can I call the small claims court and explain this? Also regarding my defence can you advise or give me links on how best to word it? my basic argument is that I ended up with a huge bill for loads of spam texts which I phoned BT on numerous occasions requesting them to stop/block. The bryan carter paperwork states the start date of the contract was 1 June 2009 and the end date was 23 August 2010 - there was no early termination fee applied to the account. I am now beginning to think if I cannot prepare and and do a reasonable defense I might as well just attempt to settle out of court now, they will have to accept low payments due to my financial situation as most of my wage goes on rent and childcare for my son. Do I have a leg to stand on here? I have followed your advice throughout for which I am very grateful but would really appreciate some links or suppport in preparing an adequate defence if there is any chance of success in defending this, or am I just flogging a dead horse so to speak, if so I may as well take it on the chin and attempt to repay. Regards High Velocity.
  13. Well it is looking like I will be going to court and not mediation! mediation have been a nightmare to deal with they made appointments then cancelled, they do not reply to emails and are constantly engaged and as of yet they are trying to rearrange the appt and have one time for the 7th but have not been in touch so looking like i will be attending court instead! can you give advice on how best to present myself and prepare for the court case please ? many thanks
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