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  1. Ok, So quick update...... everything has been going ok so far, they have received all my documents, keys etc. they've spoken to my finance company to get a settlement figure. then Strangley they rang me yesterday to ask "how do you enter the car is it keyless entry" to which i replied "No" they then asked "and how do you start the car is it ignition" to which i replied "Yes" They then said "ok thats great we will pass this on to our engineers and if everything is ok then it will go to our manager for a final review" What the Hell ??
  2. Sadly it was from Admiral aswell =[ they said they did testing on his car key and it showed the mileage was only around 3000 which contradicted the mileage on his car. what infomation can specialists retreive from transponder keys ? does anyone know ?
  3. Hi Mate, some of the things im reading are scary though, like there was one with a simular case to mine but they examined his keys and said it was that key used to drive it, even though it wasn't, i wasn't even aware you can tell this infomation from keys.
  4. im not sure i want to give all these details to be honest, im just looking for advice as to how the claim will go ?
  5. Hello, I was told by honda that they cannot get data from a key as that would be my first guess. the make and model is honda civic type r 2010 model
  6. Hello all, last week my car was stolen from my driveway, my keys where on me, (spare locked away in house) i was out from Saturday evening until Sunday afternoon, coming back home i noticed my car was not there. i was thinking that it most probably was towed via a van, however the police said they saw it on ONE camera the Saturday night (after id already left the house" . so i am wondering how they've done it and I've read some horror stories on here and on-line where insurers wont pay out because they say you cant drive the car without the proper key. this is causing me a lot of
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