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  1. Update. Finally deferred and all arrears wiped. Only took 3 years! I never used their DAF. I never backed down in my belief that using a bespoke letter was enough to satisfy the original loan terms as the various DAFs were not fit for purpose. Thanks to all on the numerous threads who helped fight these fleecing cretins. Don’t stop fighting for your rights.
  2. Yeah, they have been given EXPLICIT permissions by the GOVT/BIS to change the procedures of deferment, chasing people in arrears etc and that such permissions were an intregal part of the SELL OFF terms. SEE clause 10.2.2 of the sell off doc below. This flies in face of BIS/GOVT/FOS mantra of there have been no changes to your terms and conditions somewhat... I wrote this to the FCA: I would like to make the FCA aware of some information regarding the Govt/BIS sell off of my student loans. Under the sales agreement BIS have given ERUDIO the right to change the terms and conditions
  3. Have you got evidence that the FOS have ruled on the USE of DAF over use of original loan forms? I see none in their recent decisions?? The FOS are not ruling on the need/legality to use Erudio's DAF. In fact they are tripping over themselves with bizzare rulings over it. There are a number of FOS decisions recently that state it they see no reason why people are reluctant to sign the Erudio DAF. Here is an extract from an FOS decision: 'Firstly I can understand that Miss Z didn’t want to allow Erudio to carry out credit checks but Erudio has agreed that she can delete that portion.
  4. So are the FOS saying you have use the Erudio DAF as part of their ruling or not? I am in same boat and expecting the same response from them. They really are useless
  5. Well they did a credit search on ME last MAY. I ain't used their DAF. Still awaiting a response from them on that one!
  6. From Erudio website. Its like a charm offensive/PR exercise. She's now in charge of this shell company/DCA (Well cuz Aroo bought her own company over recently...) News 26/02/2015 Message from Helen Ashton about the new Deferment Application Form and How to Guide. Welcome to Erudio Student Loans. I joined the company recently and I am the executive responsible for running Erudio in a way that customers expect and deserve. The transfer of 500,000 loans (representing some 250,000 individual customers) is always going to be complex, and we
  7. Is this true? I Thought Erudio could mark credit files? They are certainly claiming this on their website and NEW deferment form?? Any Mods know the answer to this, Thanks.
  8. Erudio back down on DAF when lawyer gets on the case: From the lawyer involved: 'Erudio have granted deferment to my client without having to complete the DAF, as they have now done for other clients. As to the hearing on 6 March, there only remains the issue of costs. Erudio said they would only pay costs if my client would agree to a confidentiality clause, but my client refuses to be gagged by them. We will seek costs on 6 March if they don't pay before. As to the issue about an unfair relationship, with Erudio having granted the
  9. The threshold amount is set yearly at Sept. I always sent the SLC the three months wage slips before MY deferment date. EG I defer in MAY so they got feb/march/april slips. It basically establishes that you will probably NOT earn over the threshold in the three months after you defer. Would not be surprised if Erduio want wages slips from the future....lols
  10. The current deferral threshold is £26,727 ? AND it will definitely go up in September this year. From Erudio website : By law, and under the terms of your loan agreement, you are entitled to apply for deferment if your income is below the relevant threshold (currently £26,727 gross annual income) Oh be sure to declare any money you have received from the tooth fairy too! Seriously though I've been working on a one size fits all post for dealing with Erudio. They have invoked my wrath and I had some free time this week:) Its a work in progress so any suggestions are most welc
  11. Don't worry Jon erudio are up in court soon over having to complete a DAF and indeed have backed down on the need to complete one by a lawyer! Original loan terms apply and if erudio did not like the terms they should not have bought the loans:-)
  12. I posted this up on MSE few days back, some light relief with an important message My thoughts on the new DAF and Erudio: Quote: When will the new Deferment Application Form be ready? The New Deferment Application Form will be ready by the end of February. We realise that the deferment process is complex (it's not really! The SLC used ONE A4 sheet doubled sided AND I was usually deferred in two weeks!)and it is important that we provide the best service possible (LOL - facking kidding me!). Having listened to feedback from o
  13. NEW FAQS on Erudio webby: Quote: When will the new Deferment Application Form be ready? The New Deferment Application Form will be ready by the end of February. We realise that the deferment process is complex and it is important that we provide the best service possible. Having listened to feedback from our customers and third parties, we’ve updated the form and guide so that they are easier to understand and clearly explain what information is needed and why. As part of the changes we’ve made, we will no longer requi
  14. I have that response letter too! And the FOS responded in a similar fashion. Both provide no real legal basis for a DAF to be completed in order to be deferred. I have asked the FOS to ask erudio to quote me relevant section of the loan agreement which seeks a DAF completion. Ain't gonna happen! Oh and Erudio will have a new DAF in Feb and have changed their stance on having a DD in place. I Am in work so will post up the new developments later!
  15. Working today. So will put a re cap post up later.
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