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  1. Is this the direction to deal with all hire purchase companies? As they have items with bayv as well with just a handful of months left on 3 year agreements too..so far bayv have not gone to the extremes of perfect home as yet.
  2. Thanks for the advise, I thought along these lines.. just needed some clarification on the best way in handling this.
  3. Perfect home problem if any one can help. My friend has a sofa with them 1/3rd paid, they had a benefit change earlier in the year around July time and things got interrupted then onwards due to the time scale the change took. Priority debts are being paid but finding it difficult to pay perfect home the required amount. Last Monday another 'visit' took place where the foot soldier announced if payment was not made this week a bailiff would come to remove the sofas. even a message relayed through their 7 year old son who answered the door around 4 30 . The tone of the representative was confrontational as well. What is the best way forward in dealing with this please if anyone can advise.
  4. Thank you all for your advice and help. I will gives updates when i have them.
  5. nope nothing at companies house:???:
  6. thanks for the reply's, i am starting to agree with the judge Rinder comment ). I have done some digging on this i went on the charitycommission.gov.uk and it is not listed there, And i cant find a official address for the organisation, it seems to be run from a facebook group/page.
  7. As far as I know they just plan on sending Joe bloggs in a car. A volunteer to do so. As for reasons they are just petty a disagreement, fall out where the so called manager is always right and beyond reproach and selfishly acted in this way.
  8. I have what is probably a odd situation, if someone could advise or help i would be most grateful. My wife has been working voluntarily for a dog rescue, she was fostering a dog then we decided to adopt, the fee is £165, we have paid £95 of this through weekly payments to make it more affordable, now the person whom runs this rescue has fallen out with my wife and said shes taking the dog back! where do i stand legally? if at all? this has upset the family greatly. No paperwork has been signed, its seems to have been on trust, all receipts of payments ie bank transactions i have. Any advice would help thanks
  9. Nearly 4 weeks have passed now I have no recognition of my complaint or that it is even being looked into even though i understand 8 weeks is the usual limit but not having any confirmation of having received my letters does not seem good practice. I have had no more visits to my home or any phone calls to my landline which is pleasing but in the last couple of weeks a few calls have been made to my mobile which sounds like from a call center if they have such things, again i stated my position but was fed the same BS my local store was talking about, now i ignore that number. My items i have remaining are nearly paid for into the last 33 weeks, it seemed all they were interested in was the new sofa i had which was returned by my own wishes, sad thing was the sofa they needed back so badly was dragged across my driveway and dragged into the van like it was junk, probably now unable for re sale without repairing. do i sit and wait for response or do i send another letter re stating my situation?
  10. i managed to return my sofas today, so that's one less headache and i received a notice if sums in arrears for my items in the post, where i find the amount in arrears on the front page for the hire purchase then addition on page 2 i am shown to be in arrears on dlc and osc plus late fees!! I still have had no written confirmation of acknowledgement of my letters or been informed that my complaints are being looked into, the e mail i received from the FCA said i should at least get a speedy reply that my problems are being investigated so i am still in the dark there, but still silent on the phone calls that i am very pleased about.
  11. Official complaint and another offer of interim payments were sent Monday Registered post to both my local store and Head Office, i have had confirmation e mail of the letter received to head office from the brighthouse web relations team whom i thank for getting me confirmation. Also had communication with FCA who were helpful and gave me timescales etc of how to pursue matters but cannot become involved in individual disputes, but i thought it be worth to make them aware of my problems and have a case reference with them. Things have been quiet this week so far as my letters requested no further phone calls, and so far that has been respected, but is this the calm before the storm? or no news is good news?
  12. things got heated today, silly me had a fall and damaged my shoulder thus needed to go to A and E for x ray. .in meantime store manager calls my home and speaks to my wife, he tells my wife that if no contact or payment was made by 9 30 Monday morning the collections team are coming for all our stuff and does not believe a word that comes out of my mouth and that i am a liar, this again upset my wife. On my return from hospital i angrily called the store, stating that he has no right speaking to my wife in that manner, i did swear oops. i again stated my financial situation and again made my offer of interim smaller payments into arrears, this was completely refused. Now have been told to stump up 150 Tuesday to then HELP reduce my weekly payment by 30 pound? I am attending the store Tuesday not with 150 but with my original 20 pound weekly offer into the arrears. This is now taking over my life, other creditors have been reasonable and are accepting my current situation but BH are relentless and i know what they can and cannot do, but living this way is awful.
  13. ok thanks renegadeimp i will save all monies i offered as part of a weekly repayment into my arrears. i have official letters from DWP and inland revenue stating my current benefit circumstances do i produce copies for BH to show i am not making this up? I personally think it is none of their business but i am willing to show anything which supports my situation. My full JSA entitlement does not start until week starting 23rd June so anything resembling a near full payment i wont receive until 28th June which means a total of 3 weeks x 20 pound will be available plus a full fortnightly payment on that date i think this is a fair offer but i feel things are going to get alot worse in the coming days.
  14. ok..progress report, had a visit last Saturday from my local store manager saying that brighthouse don't accept repayment plans because its a hire purchase agreement and that the store had not received my letter and that brighthouse don't deal with letters anyway. he offered to extend my tv from 35 weeks remaining to 70 weeks to reduce the payment on that item. and to offer me a reduced sofa option. reluctantly and probably stupidly I verbally agreed to this RE-WRITE on my doorstep. In the meantime i have being trying to sort out my benefit but i can only get 23 pound per week JSA as i am on the 4 week role on period for working tax credits. I received a 90 pound working tax payment today which was a fair bit lower than i was expecting and 46 pound tomorrow for JSA. ..now any payment to BH to re-write the agreement would take roughly 60 percent of my money and have not paid today as i agreed, i got the knock at the door at 6pm saying my sofas are to be collected where i refused to acknowledge the demand. and i was told i am TAKING THE ****! and making things worse for my self and have til 10 am tomorrow morning to pay. I think me agreeing to re-writes etc has made things worse as i will be going into the 5th week of arrears and getting nowhere, they wont accept part payments or repayment plans, and any full benefit entitlement is still 2-3 weeks away. i can pay the amount tomorrow but should I ? advice please as thing are getting rather desperate.
  15. ok i have all missed calls kept in my phone, including the 14 since i requested no more. i have actually gone to the bother of having my landline number changed. and saved the little notes posted through my letterbox too. I will keep this ongoing log then. i fully intend to pay the 20 pound on Tuesday if they accept or not is another issue.
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