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  1. ok ill ignore the RLP, and the I'm not being prosecuted as i have resigned.
  2. they said if i resign the police wont be called, so i resigned. I was caught stealing money that was not recovered, so i owe them that at least, so I'm wondering if they may change me extra (if its a RLP)
  3. I was sacked from m&s for theft (i admit it and i know it was stupid of me) I was told that i will have to pay that money back (which i said was fine) They said a letter would come though the post in 2/3 weeks (it was over a month and it was a letter saying that they will be sending a letter with an invoice of how much i owe which is fair enough) Im wondering if it will be RLP that is sent and will it have extra charges (E.G If i owe them £10 initially can they add extra charges on top of that? ) Thank you for your help
  4. True but its there job to be polite and to be helpful, if not whats the point of them having a job, there at the front line and are meant to deal with customers in the right manner,
  5. we all have different experiences with them, I understand what you mean about fare evasion but when you do pay for a service and the staff still treat you like sh*t its not right or acceptable
  6. thank you I want to see if anyone else has had bad experiences on south west trains too
  7. Hey, Yes I am sick and tired of the way there staff treat passengers, as if they have committed a crime (as if everyone is a fare evader) or the staff are so lazy and make you feel as if you are bothering them when you need help, its not right or acceptable, the prices keep going up each year but the service is the same, its not right!
  8. i have used south west trains for many years and found that a lot of there staff are very rude, lazy and aggressive. i have been cheated in buying a ticket, i have been spoken to rudely and as if I'm a piece of sh*t, staff are lazy and don't know when the trains are going to arrive, or why there cancelled or delayed, i have even been dragged to one of the supervisors at waterloo station barriers because i didn't have a ticket by a young enthusiastic member of staff and was shouting to his superior while dragging me to I'm shouting (iv caught one i caught one) i had to explain that i could not buy a ticket because there was a power cut or something where the ticket off was closed, the machine was closed and i could not top up my oyster card or purchase a ticket because there was no power around the area, Has any one had any bad run ins with staff on south west trains??
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