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  1. Just a quick update since receiving my last letter which I commented on here I've never received anything more so hoping that's now the last of it
  2. I'm just goin to ignore them and if they do take me to court, that's fine cos the items were returned and I've been ordered to pay 1200 by the magistrate s court in way of compensation which I have done so can't see them to have a leg to stand on
  3. Thanks guys for all the help , just think crs are bit cheeky to continue to pursue me after I've just paid 1200 in compensation at magistrates court, will keep u all update on here
  4. Ok just a quick one I've been to the magistrate s court and been given a 2 year conditional discharge and ordered to pay a compensation fine of 1200 , now does this mean that crs will give up harrassing me now ?
  5. and thanks guys for not judging and providing support
  6. ok guys i sent the letter as informed , and have received a response saying that i now have seven days to reply and goes on to tell me about how theft is a crime and also supplys a spreadsheet of the different thefts on different days ive been accused of. Do i at this point just ignore the letters from now on?
  7. ok all good will send the letter you advised tomorrow morning
  8. ive seen this letter as a template , what do you think? Thank you for your letter of xxx. It appears you are non-compliant with civil procedure, in that you have failed to state a discernible case against me and you have failed to show me the documents on which you intend to rely. That is to say, your letter discloses no evidence and no case. Your letter also is not a Letter of Claim. Until and unless you comply with civil procedure by providing a heading "Letter of Claim" AND disclose all the evidence on which you intend to rely AND disclose your legal case, as is required by civil procedure, I am not only unable to respond but quite unable to understand why you are making these demands. Further, you make unlawful threats against me which as already explained fall outside of legal protection. I reserve my position as to whether I will pursue you, and/or your "client" (assuming it is true you act for them), in the criminal and civil jurisdictions. Yours
  9. ok many thanks i will send a letter only stating that
  10. thanks rebel11 , i will give that a try as wouldnt be able to afford a solicitor
  11. right, tomorrow morning a letter will be getting sent
  12. guys thanks so much for the help,thats put my mind at rest, been back to the gp and they have increased my medication and sent me to counselling when i write the letter should i put in the reasons why i wont be paying? eg items were recovered, staff costs are overheads or just the one liner i deny liability?
  13. So do you think they will end up giving up? i just dont want to be left with a even bigger bill
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