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  1. I will post again once I've spoken to them really hope it is something I can get cleared up straight away as the worry isn't nice to live with. It's the unknown that's scary.
  2. I don't know they have. I have no idea what they're concerned about until I talk to them. I will speak to them tomorrow and depending on what they say I may ask for a little time to seek legal advice. I was just asking a hypothetical question about the bank statements as someone above had mentioned they're able to do this.
  3. Where you say looking at bank accounts secretly would be a last resort and something done by a specialist fraud officer, would they do this without even speaking to me? As no one has asked me anything I didn't know I was being investigated until the letter came through on Saturday. I will just be totally open and honest and hope they believe that any wrong doing was not as an attempt to defraud the benefit system. I really would not do that. I didn't declare the maintenance but for very different reasons, which I will explain to them. I just wish they'd called me up to ask about anything they were unsure of. The letter is so scary. It says I may be arrested if I don't confirm I am attending the interview at that if they are not satisfied at the end of the interview I may be prosecuted. And still I do not know what for. I will call them tomorrow to confirm I am attending and ask what their concerns are.After all, how can I provide evidence on the day of my innocence if they don't tell me what I need to prove I'm innocent of. Also, they have not asked me to bring anything (like bank statements) with me. Would they not ask for that if it was about money going in?? You'd think they'd want to see if you'd bring in fake or doctored statements or something. Also if they'd bothered to look into the payments coming in they'd see it was from my son's dad (who is on the birth certificate which they have a copy of). Thank you all again for your replies and help. And for the non judgemental tone
  4. Hi, she was my gf for 10 weeks but she only stayed in my house for one week. We were just dating. No one was anyone's provider or dependant. Just going for drinks/meals and seeing if we were compatible as partners. This is allowed? Right?? I just wonder if the week she stayed with me due to her home situation could be the issue? I can't help but be worried sick. I worry they won't believe me or that I will lose my benefits and be unable to keep my home or even my child. I wish they'd tell me what I am meant to have done. Going to phone them tomorrow. Thanks.
  5. Hi there, I hope you can help me. I am a single mum and have been since my son was 3 months old (he is now 2 years old). I claim Income Support (which is only £46 a week now as they are stopping money from it for debts), Child Tax Credits and Child Benefit as well as Housing Allowance and Council Tax benefits. On saturday I had a letter through saying I am being investigated for alleged benefit fraud and have to attend an interview under caution on June 3rd. It doesn't say what I have been accused of exactly and I am miffed. I do not know. I have thought of 3 possible reasons but I didn't think they would be benefit fraud and still don't so I don't know... They are as follows. My son's father is not allowed near us, there is a court order preventing him accessing his child (for bloody good reason!) but he does pay money into to my bank by direct transfer every week or two. He is well off and it is usually around 100 a week (when he sends it, sometimes he sends nothing for 6 weeks) but I read somewhere that maintenance money from a parent does not affect a claim for IS. I probably should have told them but I was worried they would think I was letting the dad see my child and call social services (they're the ones who obtained the court order and it took a lot to convince them I have nothing to do with the ex. Which I don't). Could the money he sends mean I have been committing fraud and not even known it??? 2) I had a girlfriend for around 10 weeks last year. She had trouble with her home situation and I let her stay with me for just over a week while she got herself sorted. She was only staying over, we weren't living together.. It was only a week.. Could it be that? Or 3) My mum is a cleaner at a nursery. She works one hour an evening there. On fridays for the last 3 weeks I have done her one hour shift (for free) while she baby sits my son as she then has him over night and it gives me a break. I didn't get paid for it I just did it so she could babysit and I got a restful sleep. It amounts to 3 hours in total and even the lady who works with my mum will say I didn't get paid and just helped her hoover and get the place tidy. Could it be that? I only did it for the first time 3 weeks ago. As far as I know I haven't broken the law. I possibly should have told them about the money from my ex but it says online that it doesn't affect a claim for IS so I didn't think it would matter... Any advice?? I don't think I have time to find a solicitor as I have no childcare and it's not going to be easy sitting in a solicitors office explaining while stopping my toddler wrecking the place..
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